Here’s How To Stop Supermarket Tantrums

Taking your kids to the supermarket can either be a victory or a nightmare. Ideally, every time you go you want it to be a success. This isn’t always down to you and what you do, though. It can be down to the mood your kids are in. How do you stop supermarket tantrums, exactly? How can you avoid lying down on the floor next to them and stamping your own feet while squealing at a piercing volume? Here are some ideas!

Make Shopping A Game

Start by making shopping a game. Give each child a list and see if they can help you to find what you’re looking for. You could give them different items or make it a direct competition. You could also make it a rule that they aren’t allowed to remove their hands from your trolley or basket.

Keep Your Kids Engaged

Make sure you keep your kids engaged in the supermarket. It’s easy to forget to do this when you’re reading a product label, but they can easily get bored. Instead, make sure you keep on speaking to them and encouraging them to find the items you’ve given them. Ask them questions about their day or their programs so they don’t have a chance to get distracted by things in the supermarket that could trigger them.

Only Go In The Aisles You Need To Go In

Don’t go up and down every aisle if you don’t have to. Stick to your list and only go exactly where you need to go.

Don’t Fall For Supermarket Tricks
Don’t fall for supermarket tricks – they even put cereal at your children’s eye level!

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