Why I don’t watch Star Wars with people who have never seen it…

Something you may not know about me, is that I am a big Star Wars fan. The original movies were part of my early childhood and I love them, and re-watched them as an adult. I have the original movies and the remastered movies, I have watched the new episodes. I personally don’t rate the newer ones, but that’s just me. I am the proud owner of a Light Saber and I own several figurines that are probably worth selling on eBay if I ever need to pay an emergency bill in a hurry. 

Nothing makes me happier than sitting down to watch Star Wars.

Here’s the thing though. I don’t like watching it with people who have never watched it, and who don’t know the story, the characters, or what will happen. These people do exist, freaks though they are. (I am being tongue in cheek, if you have never watched it and are a friend of mine, I still love you, really!) and the husband was one of them. I educated him early on in our relationship. It was painful. We watched the movies when they were re released. He asked a lot of questions during the movies and annoyed me a lot. Poor man, normally I am not a bad cinema date, but talk to me through The Empire Strikes Back and I may hurl popcorn at you! I took a friend to watch one once, all she did was ask me what was happening ALL THE WAY through. I don’t know why. She had seen them as a child but couldn’t remember. Basically, I refuse now, to spend money at the movies to watch any of the series, if someone else wants to come with me. I don’t want to answer question and explain plots. I just want to get my fix and watch. 

My children have not really watched Star Wars, Emily hasn’t been interested and Matthew is quite sensitive and I wasn’t sure if he would manage, but they have been pestering me for ages, so we had a movie night and watched the first of the older movies Episode 4, Star Wars, a New Hope. I told them they had to watch, not to ask millions of questions, and to just enjoy the movie. It isn’t that scary and it’s easy to watch.

Seriously, I should have known better. They basically talked through the whole thing, asked millions of questions, and because they have a vague idea of some of the plot and characters, they wanted to know what was happening, to whom, why, why was Darth Vader so grumpy, who was Luke’s grandma, why does Chewbacca not talk, it went on and on…

How is it they can watch hours of CBeebies, or David Attenborough or mind numbing Netflix drivel and they don’t ask questions but my beloved Star Wars and they can’t just watch and ask questions when the movie is over. They clearly didn’t get the memo from their dad, that “mummy doesn’t like to talk when she is watching Star Wars” that he learned the hard way!

Safe to say, I will be letting them watch the rest of the movies either at friends houses or with the husband when I am not around…

Freaks, the lot of them… 

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