Making The Bedroom Festive

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he bedroom is one of the places in our houses which often is forgotten when we are looking to decorate the home for Christmas. Where we spend hours going through our living room adding the tree, festive garlands and plenty of lights; and set up the kitchen and dining room for the best festive feast: the bedroom and bathroom both seem to be ignored.


However, since it is Christmas, why can’t you add a few things to every room in the house? Keep that festive spirit alive throughout the days to really add an air of magic to the home. Here’s how you can add a few bits of Christmas to your bedroom this weekend.


Keep it simple


The bedroom is of course a sanctuary in your home. So when you are looking to add an air of the festive season to the room, you need to keep it pretty simple and not go too over the top with things. At the end of the day you need to be able to relax in your bedroom and the presence of bells, lights and sparkle could stop you getting that good night’s sleep you want. Avoid filling the room as you would with the rest of the home, focus on making it cosy instead.


The wall


Starting with the walls in your bedroom: if you have a big blank space to fill you could take the opportunity to make a festive garland or buy some festive bunting to hang over the bed on the wall. It won’t disturb you as you sleep, but you will still be able to wake up and feel festive each morning. The second option is if you have any shelves on the wall you can place some cute decorations like snow globes and mini Santa’s to bring a little bit of the North Pole into your bedroom.

The window

If you love festive lights, you can hand some fairy lights either on the inside of your windows or on the outside of the house for you and everyone else to enjoy. Lights are a huge part of Christmas spirit, and you can have them on for some soft lighting in the evening and then turn them off as you go to sleep.

The bed

The bed is the most Important part of the whole room. You will want to make sure you have a good quality bed frame and mattress such as for optimum comfort, and then you can buy some festive bedding to give the room a real taste of Christmas. The choices are endless and you can go classy with a cute festive print or go full on with a massive Santa on your sheets. It’s all part of the festive fun and you can really get creative here!

Extra touches

Finish off your festive bedroom with a gingerbread Reed diffuser, plenty of cushions and a cute little wreath on the door for everyone to see.

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