Less plastic? That was a bit of a fail then…

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In September I wrote about my grand plans to use less plastic, in our lives, and trying to cut back on how much plastic that comes into our home, either wrapped around food, or containing products we used. I promised regular udpates about it, and how we were doing. I started well, and then life decided to get in the way in the form of small set backs for me in terms of knee surgery recovery (I had surgery in July)  and then our small boy having an unplanned but urgently needed adenoid-tonsillectomy to help with some sleep issues, it’s all gone a bit to pot, frankly. 

I have been pretty stressed and tired, and just not had the energy to monitor and record what we use and why, and how we could do better, with our plastic usage and disposal. I haven’t really even made much effort to reduce the use of plastics or plastic entombed products. Life has thrown a lot of things at us recently and I just have not made it my priority. I am aware we use far too much plastic, but right now it seems like a massive mountain to climb when I just don’t have the capacity to even put climbing boots on. 

I think our main culprits are in the kitchen, with the food that we buy that comes wrapped in plastic, so I really do need to look at how we can improve that. The idea of trying to radically change our shopping habits isn’t something that I face with much joy. The supermarket we use doesn’t really faciliate non plastic shopping and right now I don’t think trying to source prodcuts via a market or more sustainable source is beyond our budget. 

So, this is really more of a whinge post than anything else, and I am wondering if it’s even worth the effort? Does what one small family do, use and not use really make that much difference? 

I guess I need to start again, and see what we can do? It’s a bit  more of a daunting and time consuming task than I imagined. 

I am off to read some of the Going Green Posts shared over in Rosie’s lovely monthly linky, to see if I can be motivated and inspired…

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One comment on “Less plastic? That was a bit of a fail then…
  1. Steffi says:

    I ordered my first bamboo toothbrush yesterday. Well, I ordered more than 1 and from a UK family business. It had very good reviews and wasn’t as expensive as I thought.. That was my latest effort to reduce plastic products in our household. I think every bit counts and it’ll have to be bit by bit tbh.
    I’ll let you know how I get on if you like 🙂

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