Celebrating World Space week with Ora Home and a giveaway!

We are delighted to be able to join up with the team at Ora to bring rather a fab giveaway to our readers. We have shared about Ora before, and how much we love it, and they have a fab gift for one lucky reader on our blog to win. 

We have a pack of their special edition round paper towels which are fabulous for clean up jobs, wiping things, soaking up messes and also being creative and crafty, to give away, plus an audio-book version of the book Goodnight Spaceman, Michelle Robinson and Nick East. Inspired by Tim and his sons and featuring an introduction from the astronaut, Goodnight Spaceman is the perfect bedtime book, and this recording is the first bedtime story ever to be recorded in space!  It was recorded from the International Space Station.

About Ora:

Ora is the first product from British consumer goods company, Better All Round (BAR) an innovative, award winning, eco-friendly company. Ora is the household towel that is round instead of square. Its unique stacking design offers an easy one-hand grab. Ora is available in single, triple and handy packs. Also available are base holders in six-colourways.

Ora is on sale at Tesco, Asda and Ocado.com in the UK and Target.com in the US

About Goodnight Spaceman:

Inspired by Tim Peake and his sons, and featuring an introduction from the astronaut, this is the perfect bedtime book, and the first bedtime story ever to be recorded in space, from the International Space Station.

Two space-mad little boys get ready for bed and say goodnight to their toy rockets, launch pads and planet mobiles, before being whisked away into space on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams . . .

Tim Peake was the first official British ESA astronaut. He left Earth on 15th December 2015 to spend a six month long mission aboard the International Space Station. His time in space was watched by millions and he inspired a new generation of explorers, adventurers and questioners.

Goodnight Spaceman is the sixth book in Michelle Robinson and Nick East’s beloved series. Look out for Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Tractor, Goodnight Princess, Goodnight Pirate and Goodnight Santa too!

All you have to do is comment and tell us what one thing you would ask Tim Peake if you could, and then head on over to the Rafflecopter link to complete your entry. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

1 winner will receive on pack of the special edition Ora paper towels and an audio-book download of Goodnight Spaceman.

No cash or alternative prize available. 

All entries must be completed as per Rafflecopter and any spam entries will be deleted. 

Winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter

Ends 24th October.

UK and US entrants. 

*this is a collaborative post*


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51 comments on “Celebrating World Space week with Ora Home and a giveaway!
  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Did he spot any UFOs whilst he was in space?

  2. Kirsten says:

    I was given a few stacks of Ora as part of a “paper” gift hamper for our first wedding anniversary and loved it. Great giveaway!

  3. Kirsten says:

    What was the most exciting thing you saw in space?

  4. lorraine kirk says:

    I would ask him if space travel had changed his views on religion.

  5. sam macaree says:

    does he think there is life on mars?

  6. tamalyn roberts says:

    will we one day live in space?

  7. Hayley F says:

    How do you go to the toilet if there’s no gravity and everything floats upwards. I’m sorry I just got curious hehe x

  8. laura banks says:

    is there life out there

  9. What did it feel like with different gravity
    Yet Another Blogging Mummy recently posted…Win the gift of sleep

  10. Azeem says:

    Is there life on Mars?

  11. I would ask him which planet he would like to visit next given the choice of any!

  12. Solange says:

    Did he see any little green men?

  13. melanie stirling says:

    Did he see anything that he didn’t know what it was?

  14. Anthony Harrington says:

    I would ask if he would like to be the first man on Mars?

  15. abigail edkins says:

    Id ask him how well he slept and if at any point he felt scared or anxious…and how did he cope with that if he did

  16. cheryl hadfield says:

    does he prefer land or space

  17. Jo Young says:

    How does he stop his ears from popping?

  18. Kim Neville says:

    What does it feel like to float in space?

  19. Fiona says:

    What was the best thing about being in space?

  20. stuart hargreaves says:

    Would he go back into to space again

  21. Liz Slade says:

    What happens if you sneeze in space? Do you have to catch all the droplets?

  22. Patricia Avery says:

    How did he cope emotionally?

  23. Dawn Hull says:

    I would ask him what the most unexpected thing was about being in space.

  24. Karen hutchinson says:

    What did he miss most when he was in space and what does he miss most about space ?

  25. Ali Thorpe says:

    What was the most unexpected thing about your space experience?

  26. Yolanda Davis says:

    i’d ask him if he believes there are any other life-forms out there in space

  27. Emma says:

    What home comfort did you miss the most?

  28. katie smith says:

    Does he think there is life out there?

  29. Jo Richards says:

    What happens if you get poorly when you are up there?

  30. Gill Mitchell says:

    My son would like to know what his favourite thing about being in space is.

  31. Sidrah Ahmed says:

    I would ask him if he could bring a family member to space with him would he

  32. Jenny Rogers says:

    What do you miss most about being in space?

  33. Rich Tyler says:

    What food did you crave?

  34. Sanam Ali says:

    What would you do when you were bored

  35. pauline black says:

    does he believe in life on other planets

  36. Tamara Payne says:

    what did you miss the most about Earth when you were in space?

  37. Kristy L Brown says:

    Would you go back?

  38. francis lee says:

    does he think we are alone in the universe

  39. Kat Allinson says:

    What does it feel like going into space

  40. Claire Little says:

    what was the feeling like on blast off

  41. Sarah Wilson says:

    Does he believe in aliens!

  42. jamie Millard says:

    They say astronauts are moved to tears when they see the Earth from space. I’d ask him to describe that moment.

  43. Antonia Richardson says:

    is it hard to get to sleep in space

  44. Stephanie Grant says:

    What is the most memorable thing about space?

  45. Laura Avery says:

    I’d like to know how long does it take for his mind and body to adjust to the change in gravity when he comes home, I should imagine it’s a little like dizzyness ..even though you have stopped spinning it still feels like you are going

  46. Jade Hewlett says:

    How does it feel being in space?

  47. Jo Carroll says:

    Was personal hygiene a problem on the ISS and where does all that sweat, dead skill cells and waste really end up?

  48. Chrissy Harris says:

    What is it like to float around in zero gravity – do you feel sick or not?

  49. Diana says:

    Would he like to live in space ?

  50. Em S says:

    Did he have ‘space blues’ when he came back

  51. ellie spider says:

    how do you wee in zero gravity 😛

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