Skipping through the lavender…

You know when you try to make a plan to do something and it just doesn’t happen, no matter how optimistically you try? Things just happen, or get in the way, to stop your plans? 

We had that recently. We wanted to go and visit a local ish to us lavender farm, to see the lavender and have a nice family day out. Admittedly, a visit to a lavender farm is also perfect blog and social media fodder. I had visions in my head of my smiling, beautiful children skipping through the lavendar whilst I took photos, to share. 

In a sort of “series of unfortunate event” style of happenings, we have tried and planned for three weeks to go to this place. Between evil bouts of stomach bug, hamsters dying, having to collect family from airports in mad dashes after plans had changed and also new family members arriving (that wasn’t unfortunate, our new niece is adorable and we are absolutely delighted by her arrival, she just came earlier than expected and her timing meant a lot of plans had to be shifted and rearranged to work around this, whilst my in laws were also here visiting) and it seemed like it wouldn’t actually happen. Lavender only blooms for so long, and we thought we might miss it. Every year we say “we must go visit the lavender” and it doesn’t happen. 

Anyway, we finally did it! We made it. No one was sick, no one needed our help, no one needed to call a vet out to deal with sick hamsters, and we actually got in the car and got there. Sadly, we had planned to take my mother in law, to visit when she was here with us, but it just didn’t work out either. We have promised her next time, we will take her.

My visions of it being a beautiful family experience were not quite met, even though it’s a beautiful spot. You can smell the lavender and there is a lovely cafe there and a shop where I could happily blow all our weekly food budget on edible lavender and home made goodies. 

My children were grumpy, because neither of them slept well the night before, and there were wasps. For some reason, wasps upset my children and becasuse I am allergic to wasp stings, I get irritated when my kids flap and freak out around wasps, because their freaking out increases my risk of being stung by annoyed wasps. 

So we devoured our delicious cake and coffee…

Lavender scone, with lavender tea, if you please!

The kids were NOT in the mood to skip charmingly through the lavender, much to my annoyance, but the husband got into the spirit of things (much to the tweenager’s disgust, she spends most of her time mortally offended by everything her parents do these days, and when we act up, to wind her up, it’s like the end of the world is about to strike, we are so mean!) 

Uncooperative children and a husband probably delirious from lack of sleep fueled by far too much coffee and cake… his sense of humour is one of the reasons I married him, sadly the tweenager is NOT appreciating it much right, now. I could hear her muttering “Dad, you ARE SO EMBARRASSING”, poor kid!

We enjoyed a tractor ride around the farm, which thankfully cheered everyone up tremendously (After I had stamped my feet and declared that if everyone didn’t get a hold of themselves we would be going home!) and it really is a lovely spot. Bees humming in the lavender, the sky was blue, the sun was out, and some smiles appeared. 

Sort of running through the lavender to stop me whining about getting some photos. Actually, they had great fun and were all suitably exhausted and smelled nice after a few tumbles into the bushes!

Note to self, must send the boys for a haircut, soon and why does my tweenager look so grown up? 

It really is a stunning spot and if you live near us, well worth a visit when the lavender is in full bloom. 

At least we can say we did it, and enjoyed it, even if I didn’t get those oh so glamorous blog fodder shots I wanted. The best laid plans, eh? 😉

Photos taken at Mayfield Lavender, you can find out more details here 



3 comments on “Skipping through the lavender…
  1. Lucie Aiston says:

    Awww this was a great read! Glad you finally made it! It looks fabulous!!
    Lucie Aiston recently posted…Why is it so difficult?

  2. Lavender fields are so incredibly pretty & it really saddens me that there isn’t any here in N.Ireland. There is one, however, down in Co.Wicklow, but as a non-driver that’s an impossible place to get too! haha! Gorgeous photos btw! x
    Super Busy Mum recently posted…In search of Giants with National Trust NI

  3. Klara S says:

    I van smell lavender from your pictures. Thank you. 🙂

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