Coffee in a bottle? I’m up for that…

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If you follow me at all, on any social media or here, you will know that I am a big coffee lover and frankly, for me, coffee is life. I can pretty much manage anything the world will chuck at me, if I have a cuppa in my hand. 

However, I am not very good at making my own coffee. I don’t know why. It never tastes as good as it does when it’s made by a barista in my favourite coffee or by the husband who is a total coffee snob and spends a lot of time and effort making us perfect coffee. When I am at work, I either buy myself a coffee or I make it, but whilst it’s coffee, it’s not quite up there in my desire for that perfect cup. 

So when the team at BottleShot Brew delivered a freshly made bottle of coffee for me to make my own, I was pretty excited to see how it would work for me. I am not up for all the faff of grinding coffee beans, measuring out scoops, getting the water temperature just right, when I am rushing around and about my day, so the concept of pour the right amount, add water and milk and you are good to go, appeals to me. 

Also, the way they brew it makes it slightly better for you. So coffee that is easy to make and a bit better for me? I am up for that!


We bottle and deliver to be convenient, but it’s our brew that makes the difference. Thanks to the beans we use and our brewing process, our coffee is delicious and healthier for you. 

Our baristas soak the best Arabica beans in cold water for 16 hours to make the perfect concentrate. It’s tastier with better caffeine, and healthier for you. 

Better flavour (less bitter) 
Bigger power (cold brewing preserves the caffeine) 
Less acidic (better for your teeth and stomach)

Also, they deliver to you. So you can have it delivered to work, home or wherever you want, if you live in London and the bottle fits nicely in a fridge. You can arrange for a weekly delivery or once off orders. It’s sort of like having your milk delivered, but much more fun! 

But is it easy to make and what does it taste like?

It was easy to make. Basically, pour the measured amount into a cup, add hot water and top up with milk. You can’t get much easier than that. Once it’s opened you store it in the fridge and you are good for a week!

And it tasted perfect. Not bitter, not too strong and just right for my daily cup of coffee before I start work every day! 

Each bottle contains enough for seven servings which works for my daily cup before my working day starts. Budget wise, it works out well because if you buy yourself coffee each day then this actually works out slightly more economically. 

So, coffee in a bottle? I definitely approve! 

BottleShot Brew have a fab offer of a free bottle of coffee for new subscribers to their service, so what are you waiting for? You know you want to try it!!

*I was very kindly sent some coffee to try but my opinions are my own*
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3 comments on “Coffee in a bottle? I’m up for that…
  1. I’m not a coffee drinker…but I have seen coffee in a can which initially I thought was insane! But now there is coffee in a bottle? lol. Crazy, but if it’s nice, then why not!

  2. I love the sound of this – i go through so many cups of coffee a day!

  3. Hannah says:

    I’ve come across coffee in a can where some chemical reaction in the can heats the coffee. My husband is a coffee snob too. He was actually a coffee shop manager for a couple of years so even now I still get the running assessment of the coffee he’s drinking.
    Definitely sounds like a good idea for a day trip or something like that – would just need a flask of hot water and a small bottle of milk or those little UHT pots you get.
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