Celebrating our blog birthday with a unicorn giveaway… 

The Mad House of Cats & Babies is 6 years old! We’ve been sharing our journey from when my small boy stopped sleeping and I needed a place to just get the stresses of motherhood off my chest to a family blog where we write about family life and beyond. It’s been a wild and fun ride, lots of ups and downs. 

This blog is my other baby, when you aren’t counting the cats & the kids so I thought we would have a bit of a giveaway to celebrate. 

You all know how much I love unicorns, so what better theme to celebrate a giveaway with? 

We have three items to giveaway, and a runner up prize too. one lucky winner will get a package of unicorn  goodies, including a mug, a pen and a t-shirt 

A Despicable Me Fluffy Unicorn Pen, A Poop Rainbows Unicorn Mug and  Unicorn T shirt. Color red, black, pink or white (choices and size will be arranged with the winner)

But that’s not all…

Three  people will get a little chocolate treat and each will win a box of Green & Blacks Tasting collection each. 24 miniature bars of their selection of organic chocolate in a variety of chocolates and flavours. So what do you have to do to enter to be in with a chance to win? Tell us if you think we should change our blog name or keep it the same, and if we change it, what should we call it? Leave a comment then  click on the Rafflecopter link to complete your entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thank you to all our readers for your support and for keeping on reading…


Terms & Conditions – please read

One winner will win the Unicorn goodies set, three other winners will win a box of chocolates each.

Open worldwide, but postage will take longer if you are an international entrant.

Closes 09/8/17 

Winner will be chosen at random and notified via e mail

Spam entrants will be deleted

Entrants must complete all requirements to qualify

No cash prize alternative



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56 comments on “Celebrating our blog birthday with a unicorn giveaway… 
  1. Fiona says:

    Keep it the same! It’s unique and having a similar household, I completely get it!

  2. Rebecca Brown says:

    Keep it, its a great name! 🙂

  3. Daniel Harrison says:

    I love the name but it’s quite long

  4. Tracy Nixon says:

    I like you name though you could consider the mad house of cats and kids? (as babies don’t stay babies!)

  5. Vicki D says:

    I love the name I think it’s awesome!

  6. Anni Large says:

    I love the name and it’s been with you for 6 years so I think it would be a shame to change it. 🙂

  7. Hali Kinson says:

    Keeping the name would be better!

  8. Jessica Bennett says:

    Keep the name deffo 🙂

  9. Claire glace says:

    Keep it ! Great name…

  10. DEBBIE W says:

    I like it as it is because it is unique and stands out. There are so many blogs with “mummy” related names that it isn’t easy to remember which is which but you’ll never have that problem. Plus there are so many people out there who identify with you based on the title- many of us have either mad houses, cats or babies (or versions of all three)- mine is the madhouse of dogs and teenagers!

  11. Tammy Tudor says:

    I personally really like it just as it is!

  12. Alex says:

    I love the name, it would seem a shame to change it after 6 long years!

  13. stuart hargreaves says:

    feel you have built up a following sometimes change is not for the better



  15. Ashleigh Allan says:

    I like it. Keep it ?

  16. Karen Barrett says:

    I like your name 🙂

  17. Kim Carberry says:

    Happy birthday to your blog…6 years is amazing!
    I think you should keep the name…Your blog name really stands out. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Schools out for summer. #MySundayPhoto

  18. Kim Neville says:

    I think you should keep your name. There are so many blogs with similar names so good to have a different one

  19. Kristy Brown says:

    Keep it – it’s fab!

  20. Karen R says:

    We all know you by this name!

  21. Alica says:

    I really like the name but maybe use the word kids instead of babies, because they grow so quickly! 🙂 Cats & kids has a nice ring to it too!

  22. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    i like it as it is!

  23. Helen Tovell says:

    I like the name now

  24. Celso Gomes says:

    Don’t change the name, it’s cool

  25. rebecca h says:

    I think you should leave it as it is! it’s catchy and definitely relatable!

  26. Becky Duffy says:

    Keep it as it is! Mine is the mad house of dogs and babies xx

  27. Danielle Rawlings says:

    Keep it the same, its an awesome name

  28. Solange says:

    Keep the name.

  29. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I like the name it is unique

  30. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I would keep it the same as people already know it, and it describes you and your family xxx

  31. Emily Clark says:

    No please keep the name, it’s really funny!

  32. Heather Hibbert says:

    Keep it, it’s great!

  33. clair downham says:

    I like it its different

  34. Keep it the same!

  35. Keep it the same! It’s a cool name! 🙂

  36. Naila says:

    Keep the name please! 🙂

  37. Rhiannon Alwen says:

    It’s long but I like it. Also I love your header.

  38. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Maybe change it to cats and kids as the children are growing up

  39. Elisabeth Ries says:

    I think keep the name – it is how everybody finds your blog.

  40. Janice Mackin says:

    Keep the name, I like it.

  41. Sarah Birkett says:

    You have built up a following so keep it the same

  42. Liam Bishop says:

    Any house with cats AND babies is a mad house, very apt 🙂

  43. Susan Hoggett says:

    I like the name

  44. Jo Carroll says:

    I’d keep it…as every mum knows – your children are still your babies…even when they’re at college 😉

  45. Shirley S says:

    I think you should definitely keep your blog name. It’s a fantastic name!

  46. I love your name but I am biased as it’s similar to mine strap line ;D

  47. mama syder says:

    I’d probably change babies to kids x

  48. Margaret Clarkson says:

    I like your name!

  49. Emma Salter says:

    Definitely keep it the same!

  50. Tee Simpson says:

    I like the name its one that I remember

  51. cheryl hadfield says:

    I love the name

  52. Rebecca F says:

    I like the name – I’d vote to keep it

  53. Kelly Hirst says:

    I think that blog name is perfectly fine. It’s quite long but it’s different from other blogs in that you’ve avoided using the word ‘mummy’ 😉

  54. Ashley Phillips says:

    Definitely keep it it’s a good name. Happy blog birthday

  55. Jules eley says:

    I think its a bit long.. Our madhouse might be better and relates to so many of us including myself or even maybe lifewithcats&babies.

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