Our week that was in photos…

We haven’t done a weekly photo update for a good while, for some reason, I got overwhelmed and stopped them, but they are back and you can find out what we have been up to, it’s usually slightly crazy, and cake, cats and coffee feature somewhere…
I had fairly hefty knee surgery on Monday. So far recovery is going ok, not withstanding a stomach bug that has landed in our house. 

The children have finished school, a week early, and we have a long time before they go back. The next few weeks could be potentially interesting as I recover from surgery, my in laws arrive for their bi annual visit, and the husband is back at work. We will survive! We have celebrated the end of term with awards, pride and relief. Layla isn’t so thrilled about the prospect of the children home for the summer! 

Friends have been very kind, bringing meals, survival kit (gin and coffee, they know me too well) and unicorn cookies. I have felt very loved and looked after. 

We had fun setting up a new cat tree for the cats, well, the children did, I watched from the sofa. Of course the cats won’t go near it yet, I am sure they will in time…

So, not much this week, we are all recovering from the stomach bug in one form or another, which hasn’t been fun, hopefully this week we will feel better! Trying to run when you can’t after knee op to help small children being sick isn’t something I like to do often…

See you next week! 

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