5 Renewable Energy Methods for the Home

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The option to power your home using renewable energy is one that is becoming more realistic for all types of people. Indeed, there are many cities in the world that are searching for new methods that they can use to encourage people to install renewable energy devices. Whether you are considering making this switch yourself or you simply want to find out some of the different methods that are out there, here is a brief overview of the top five home renewable energy methods that are currently being used.

Solar Panels

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Probably the most common and obvious of the methods out there, solar panels are usually installed on the roof. Most homes only need a few square feet of solar panels to cover their needs, though this obviously varies depending on the climate of the individual area. If you are considering investing in some, it is obviously worth asking yourself: how much will you save with solar panels? Of course, these will be much more effective in areas which enjoy a high number of sunshine hours each year.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines tend to be a less popular option in built-up residential areas as they are not particularly attractive and they do make a lot of noise. However, out in the countryside, these tend to be a more popular choice. The advantage is that wind power is more consistent than solar power so you may find that this is a better investment. It is all about doing the sums before you actually make an investment.

Hydro Power

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If your home is located to a constantly running water source, this is where hydro power can be utilised. This method consists of diverting the water flow through a turbine in a controlled manner, but not as many homes will have access to this water source which makes it less accessible than solar or wind power. The great thing about hydro power is that it is stable and continuous, meaning you will always get the same input.

Solar Water Heating

Rather than generating electricity, you can use the power of the sun to heat up your home. Essentially, solar water heaters are used to heat a water reserve which is then pumped around the home. This is a much cheaper method than using gas or electricity to heat the water around your home and is a great introduction to the benefits of solar power around the home.

Domestic Biomass Boilers

This is a less obvious choice for around the home but still one you may want to consider. As well as the financial advantage that exists, there is also the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by using woodchip as a biomass fuel.

These are just five methods that are currently being used in more and more homes around the world. Before installing any of them, it is worth carefully weighing up all the pros and cons so you can choose a method that is right for you and suits all your needs.     

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