Moving House When You’ve Got Kids: The Basics

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We aren’t moving house, but this collaborative post might be helpful if you are.

Everyone knows that moving house can be difficult – but you might not have thought about how your kids might react. Here are some tips to help you out…

Consider How To Explain The Move To Your Kids

First of all, every parent knows that sometimes children can be worried or afraid of new concepts, whether that’s starting school, getting a new brother or sister, or moving house – and considering the fact that sometimes kids can even be nervous about new pizza toppings or just how open their bedroom door is at night, it’s clear that moving house can be a jolt to them. The truth is that to a lot of small children, time is a pretty abstract concept. Saying “We’re thinking about moving house” or “We’re going to move house in three months” might be a little alarming – consider how to introduce the concept of moving at a different time, like when everything is absolutely certain, so that you can answer their questions with certainty and make them feel safe and secure.

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Be Careful Of Your Finances

It’s important to make sure that you’re careful about your financial situation. Moving house can be expensive, and when you have kids, you’ll know that it’s important not to take too many risks with your financial situation. Providing for people other than yourself means that you have to prioritise their needs above your own. Make sure that you work with a reliable mortgage company – Pete Reeves 1st UK Mortgages works well for a lot of people because they’re flexible and willing to work with people who don’t have great credit. It’s important to remember that even if you don’t have great credit, you still have a chance of buying a property.

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Look For The Potential In Your New Home

Remember that not every home that you look at will be absolutely perfect. We all have huge lists of what we want from our homes. Maybe we want enormous back gardens, or utility rooms, or twin sinks in the master bathroom, or walk in wardrobes. But the truth is that nothing in life is perfect and no home will be completely ideal, so you need to focus on the potential of your new house instead of what’s already there. Consider whether you could get a loft conversion so your kids won’t have to share a room, or whether you could get the pond in the back garden filled in so it isn’t a safety hazard. Remember that there are a lot of things you can do to turn an imperfect home into your dream house.

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Check Out Your New Area

Make sure that you consider the area that you might be moving into. With kids, this is especially important. The local schools are something that will shape the futures of your offspring – so if you have to pick a smaller house closer to a better school, this might be a worthwhile sacrifice to make. You should also remember that commutes are very important and linked to your happiness – and this applies to your children just as much as it does to you. If your teenagers will have to travel for an extra half an hour to get to school, or if they’re moving away from their friends, some problems might arise that you hadn’t previously considered. It’s also important to look around the area that you’re moving into and check out the local amenities – maybe there’s a local football team that your kids could play in, or a shopping centre where they could spend Saturdays, or even a great soft play centre for your little ones. Remember that having those facilities close by is invaluable for parents.

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Consider Babysitters

The actual move itself is likely to be a pretty difficult and complicated time – and if at all possible, why don’t you hire babysitters? Whether they’re family members or through an agency, making sure that your kids and your pets are out of the way on moving day is absolutely invaluable and it’ll be money that you won’t regret spending in the slightest. Make sure that you focus on getting your kids’ rooms sorted out first so that they have somewhere comfortable to sleep that feels familiar. You should also focus on making sure that your bathrooms and kitchens are ready – although you might want to make your own room perfect, you only really need a bed and the ability to shower to begin with!

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Remember Your Kids’ Emotional Needs

Finally, remember that moving house can be rough on kids. Lots of changes can be emotionally challenging and they might be upset about leaving neighbours, friends and close by family members. Make sure that you listen to their concerns and that you’re as patient as you can be – and if your kids are older, remember that you can be honest with them and voice your own worries too.

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