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I am a planner, and I like to know what’s happening in our week. We have quite a busy and somewhat crazy week, with the children being at activities and both of us working, so meal planning helps me to make sure we get some decent meals slotted in. I do our grocery planning, we have a master shopping list and the husband actually does the shopping (because he likes it, I LOATHE going grocery shopping and I find online shopping isn’t that cost efficient or organised) 

I find these meal planning pads and shopping list pads from The Green Gables really handy, for making notes, meal planning and shopping. 

This week’s meal plan:

It’s half term, so it’s a little different from a normal week.

Weekday breakfasts are pretty much standard. The children have toast, with hummus, ham, peanut butter, goats cheese, or whatever they feel like spreading on toast (no sugary spreads) or cereal with fruit and yoghurt (usually home made granola, cornflakes or gluten free weetabix. (I don’t do sugary cereals)

Monday – It’s a bank holiday and we have been very kindly invited to friends for lunch and supper will be light and snacky when we get home. Toasted sandwiches or scrambled eggs on toast. 

Tuesday – The husband and I are both working and the children are out for lunch and supper, and we are also out for dinner, so lunch will be sandwiches or jacket potatoes. 

Wednesday – the children are coming to work with me, so we will take sandwiches and snacks and I will probably splurge and treat them to croissants and juice from the local cafe on the way to work. Dinner will be slow cooked spaghetti bologonese which I will put in to cook slowly all day, and all I will need to do is cook the pasta, grate cheese and serve up.

Thursday – We may go out with friends for a picnic lunch. Dinner will be salmon cooked in the Actifry and vegetable rice. Both take less than half an hour to cook  and prep, perfect for a day when we are out and I don’t want to spend ages cooking when we get home. 

Friday – Gluten and dairy free toad in the hole for supper, with gravy and vegetables. The husband is taking a day off to look after the children so I can do things at home, he will probably take the children out for lunch.

Saturday – Omellete and salad for lunch and we have family coming to dinner for the weekend, so I will be cooking a slow cooked leg of lamb, with mashed sweet potatoes, green veg, and making a chocolate torte for dessert. The chocolate torte will be gluten and dairy free.

Sunday – I think we are being taken out for brunch, and the rest of the day is my day off, so it will be snacky foods and leftovers for other meals. 

So that’s our week. Not much cooking for me. Back to normal routine next week! 😉

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One comment on “Meal Plan Monday
  1. Kim Carberry says:

    It sounds like you have a great week of meals planned…
    You are so orgainsed. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmonday

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