Preparing for pregnancy – key things to consider…

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Thinking of having a baby? This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, and definitely isn’t something to take lightly. As well as working out if you’re emotionally capable of looking after a child and putting their needs before your own, but you need to know if you’re in a good place with your current lifestyle to raise a happy and healthy child. Here are some of the important factors you’ll need to think about before becoming a parent.


Finances are a big issue to consider when you’re having a baby. You will need to find out if you will get any maternity pay once you can no longer work, and how long this is paid for after you’ve had your little one. You could see if there’s any other financial help for you out there too in the form of government schemes. Work out how you will afford to live once you have to finish work towards the end of your pregnancy. You’ll also need to know how you’re going to cover medical bills, if you look online for tips on how to save money on pregnancy medical bills you should be able to find plenty of advice. Saving up before you get pregnant is a good idea. With so much to buy in preparation of your baby and after the birth, it’s good to have a buffer there.

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For a safe pregnancy, delivery and recovery you’ll want to be a healthy weight and in the best possible position health wise as possible. In the months before trying for a baby, work on cleaning up your diet and doing enough exercise to get in shape. Quit smoking and drinking, and speak to your GP about any medication you’re currently taking. Take folic acid and prenatal vitamins while you’re trying and generally care for and look after your body as best you can.


Are you living in suitable accommodation to have a baby? If you’re in a one bedroom apartment or somewhere that’s not easy to access with a pram then you will need to move to extend your family. You could go with a property that’s close to good parks and schools, somewhere with enough bedrooms for your family to grow and a garden for your children to play in


If you currently have a small car or a model with only three doors, you might need to buy a new one. Pulling back the seat and leaning into the back to strap in your baby is never going to be the most practical. Go for one with good safety ratings, and is recommended as a family car. If you’re getting finance to be spread over a number of years, take into consideration if you’ll be having any more children. If you plan on having three children for example you’ll need three seats in the back of the car which are big enough for three car seats. Think of both now and the future when making your decision.

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