Vintage jewellery, my personal choice…

I don’t wear a great deal of jewellery during the course of a normal day, because I mostly work with small children and I find that wearing anything more than my watch and wedding ring because I get messy, and I worry that precious items may get damaged or loss in the crazy of playdough, painting, the odd nappy change and washing up of many coffee cups that I do on a daily basis with the families I work with. 

However, when I do wear jewellery, I often will opt for something vintage or antique, as my personal choice. Choosing a classic piece that works with lots of outfits and occasions and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I like pieces that are classic and that stand the test of taste and time. 

I currently am rather taken with a rather beautiful pearl and diamond ring from Berganza antique jewellery but there are so many options to choose from when it comes to style and taste, where antique and vintage jewelry is concerned. You can work within your budget and invest in a classic piece that you will wear for a lifetime, or a ring or necklace that you might want to hand down to your children. It’s also rather lovely to buy something and own it knowing there is history behind it and that it has been part of someone else’s life and there may even be romance, drama, suspense or mystery hidden in the story of the piece you are wearing. 

Sometimes old is better than new. I am all for fun, modern and funky pieces but I am definitely more inclined to opt for something that’s vintage and seen a little bit of time before it is worn by me. 

What’s your preferred style? Do you opt for new and modern, or classic and possibly even antique? Or do you have a piece that was passed down to you by a family member that you treasure? 

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2 comments on “Vintage jewellery, my personal choice…
  1. Evelyn says:

    Vintage is also my choice. It makes me feel classical, but not less attractive. I am using both vintage clothes and jewelry. I am very confident when I wear them and walk on streets.
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  2. Olivia says:

    Funny webpage name 🙂
    Have you tried ininifty shape jewelry?

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