Vaping and Parenting Guide – Does Your Kid Use E-Cigs

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Vaping is the process of inhaling and exhaling vapor coming from an electronic cigarette or a similar device. It is a recent trend that aims to reduce the harm caused by smoking traditionally burned tobacco products. So what signs should you look out for to if you want to know whether your child is vaping? This collaborative post may be helpful, it’s something that I, as a parent have thought about…

Look out for different smells.

 E-cigarettes are being marketed as odorless, which is why they are so popular. Some of them like chocolates, cookies, flavored gum, candy,vanilla and even Belgian waffles. If you suddenly start smelling various scents around your home with no explainable reason it could be an indicator your child is vaping.

Handheld “pens”.

E-cigarettes come in different sizes and shapes, some resemble common  electronic items like USB sticks but the most common type is a pen. These are known as vape pens. If you come across such devices in your home be careful to ascertain what they are.

Sudden increase in amount of liquids being consumed.

This is brought about by the main ingredient in e-cigarettes which is propylene glycol. This ingredient attracts water molecules from its environs. This leads to persons who vape constantly having a dry mouth which can be relieved by consuming a lot of liquids. The main ingredient also causes one to have dry skin.

Reluctance to consume caffeine

People who vape tend to develop sensitivity to caffeine. If you have a child that loves coffee who suddenly decides they don’t want any, it could be an indicator that they vape.

Increase in batteries and chargers.

As it is in an electronic cigarette, it has to be charged. Some electronic cigarettes come with a USB cable and others come with their own chargers. If you spot unfamiliar chargers and batteries in your house it could be a sign your child is vaping.

Unfamiliar metals and cotton.

A big indicator if you find these items all over your house. These metals could be what are known as atomizers. These are crucial components that assist in the production of the vapor. They do not last a long time and have to be disposed of when they burn out. Running across these items is a major sign your child is vaping.

Nose Bleeding.

If your child who normally doesn’t have nose bleeds starts nose bleeding, in combination with some of the other signs above. It could be an indicator that they are vaping. Nose bleeds are a result of the drying effect of propylene glycol. It dries out the nose cavities and can lead to nose bleeds.

What to do if your child is Vaping

Once you confirm that your child is a vaper, the most important thing to do is to keep calm. It is your job as a parent to guide your child away from this habit.

Make vaping seem less cool.

The main appeal of vaping as cigarettes to teenagers is that it appears really cool. The marketing using varied dessert and candy flavors, celebrities like Chris Brown have people vaping in their music videos. It is also being promoted to the youth of today, who are more health conscious, are being told it’s a better option than smoking traditional cigarettes.  If you are a parent that smokes or is trying to quit try not to do it in front of your children as this makes it okay for them to do it too. Let your child know the health implications of vaping. It may act as a deterrent.

Communicate with your child

Do not get angry , approach the situation with a clear head and have a much love as possible while doing it. When you approach your child act as casual as possible about it. Talk to them on a friendly level and try not to be judgmental about it. Avoid asking questions that could to one word answers as this will back you into a corner. Make it light and friendly and look out for their reactions.

Once you are certain your child is vaping, make a decision and stick to it. Be firm about not tolerating vaping. In this instance you are not their friend, let it be clear that you will not tolerate vaping.

Learn the reason why they started vaping in the first place and find a way to address the root cause and this goes a long way in dealing with the habit. Most of the time children start vaping due to peer pressure and in most cases peer pressure is a result of either immaturity or insecurity. Addressing these issues can help them quit vaping and give them motivation to not go back because they can now stand by their own decisions. Let them know that they do not need to vape to fit in.

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2 comments on “Vaping and Parenting Guide – Does Your Kid Use E-Cigs
  1. Kate says:

    A very informative and beneficial post! Although I’m not a parent yet, I was glad to be informed about the negative effects on vaping. I would have preferred to see some reliable sources to support those statements. I will gladly share this post with all of my friends and acquaintances with kids.
    Kate recently posted…Check Out The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

  2. George says:

    I’m a parent. I plan to inform my kids about smoking, alcohol and drugs at their right age, so that the do not pick up these habits. However, when they grow up they will have their own rights, and I would rather like to see them vaping than smoking a cigarette.

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