I don’t wash my face…

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Ok, so that does sound disgusting, and actually, the title of the blog isn’t quite correct but I wasn’t sure how to phrase it.

Let me explain…

I seem to have hit, a bad patch, hormonally. For whatever reason, my body has decided to behave like that of a teenagers, and my skin has gone haywire. If my body had reverted to the size and shape it was when I was in my late teens and early 20’s, after I had recovered from my eating disorder, I would at least have something positive to say, but sadly, it’s just my skin that has reverted to teenage hood, and I have really been struggling with SPOTS and oily skin. In my lifetime, I have tried various methods of cleansing, from the uber chemical filled products marketed and sufferers of acne and skin issues, to using the “oil cleansing method”, without much success. I have used brand name cleansers, soap and water, posh lotions and potions, cheap and frugal solutions, and nothing seems to make a difference, but normally I can keep my skin at bay, and in not too bad a state.

My GP thinks I am either struggling with the same hormonal issues I had before we were able to get pregnant with Big Girl, or (and I am still in total denial and horror at the thought) gently pointed out that I might be pre menopausal. Both could be causing the worsening skin issues I am going through. There have been some other possibly hormonal based  issues, that I won’t regale you with on the blog, but needless to say, it has affected my skin, and I have been unhappy about it. 

I read several articles on not using anything to wash/cleanse your facial skin, no lotions, cleaners, potions or toners, and letting your skin re adjust itself and balance itself. I have seen several blog posts raving about this. Basically, I wash my face with warm water and a cloth, twice a day, and I also have stopped wearing make up,  as often as possible to try and allow my skin to breathe and sort itself out. The idea is that your skin will get oily, then will balance itself, and the skin issues will ease and subside. It seems to have worked for other people, so I thought I would give it a whirl. LSH was delighted. Water and a cloth are cheap, he is often mystified by how much money women spend on things for their skin, and being a bloke, isn’t worried about wrinkles, bags, sags and puffy skin, or acne, like I am.  

I have to say, my skin condition is much better and I feel that my skin is coping better. I think not stripping it with cleansers and then having to try and balance that is helping a lot. I will be considering some specialist treatments in the future to try and improve some issues that need a little bit of extra help, that hot water and a cloth alone can’t cure, but I am generally happy with how my skin is now, for the first time in a long time. 

Have you dramatically changed your skin care routine for the better, or worse? Do you, like me, find that simple and basic is best? I would love to hear your thoughts… 



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9 comments on “I don’t wash my face…
  1. Hi, I am a big fan of Paula’s Choice products. She isn’t so well known over here, but huge in the US. Her products are no nonsense and packed full of well-researched ingredients in meaningful amounts. There is a UK website and you can buy sample sizes of everything. My skin has never been better and I’ve been using nothing but for the best part of a year despite usually being so fickle with skincare brands. Six whole weeks without cleanser is a huge amount of willpower! I hope you find the solution soon. Caroline

  2. Oh you poor love, skin issues are horrendous and can really knock self confidence. I can’t even imagine thinking that they could be pre-menopause or anything else.

    Here’s one for you to consider: could it be stress combined with the recent hot weather (think sweat on face)? I ask as I had AWFUL acne with millions of little spots under the skin just before my wedding. I had never had anything like it it was horrific and my skin didn’t even feel like skin. It was just after I moved to France and I was stressed (international move + wedding), hot (gone from mild UK temps to boiling hot France) and sweaty (from all the walking in boiling hot weather). I tried every possible cream and then saw a dermatologist who told me to 1) calm down and 2) ditch the creams/potions etc 3) and to clean my face frequently throughout the day. It took a few weeks but it did get better.

    Good luck

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      I hadn’t thought about the heat. I wonder if that is not helping at all. It has been so hot and sticky here, and I have what you are describing, little bumpy lumps, which are not like full on spots, but under the skin, makes it feel awful, and it’s hard to know what to use to deal with it. Possibly the hormones and heat are a bad combo and that’s what the problem is! I wish I was one of those perfect skin people, but sadly, it’s not meant to be, I think!

  3. ginacaro says:

    I suffered with acne when I was younger and still get breakouts now. I have also stopped using any products on my face and I just wash my face with water every morning and every night. I never use any products on it, apart from foundation on the very rare occasion that I go out anywhere My skin is so much better now. #Pocolo

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Thank you. I hate wearing make up, to be honest, so if I could go without, entirely, I would be so happy. I am doing a water only in the morning, then a cleanser, a very mild one, at night, and we will see how it goes. It would be lovely to have to use nothing. All this marketing that tells us we need to use so many lotions and potions… Maybe that’s a Ranty Friday topic? Thanks for commenting. Sorry for delay in replying!

  4. blueberetmum says:

    Mhm, I am a fun of the hot cloth cleansing and fairly healthy diet with a lot of oily fish and nuts on the menu. I also skip make up when I don’t go to work and I must say my skin loves it. I used to dread those make up free days but now it feel liberating to have the confidence to go out with ‘naked’ face.

    My favourite beauty writer of all times Sali Hughes did a column on acne treatments http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/aug/19/sali-hughes-acne-treatments

    Hope it helps and good luck!

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      I have just added a fish oil capsule, and more nuts and seeds into my diet, and am going to try and eat more oily fish too. I love it, the rest of the family don’t (except the cats) so I don’t eat it often enough, cooking for all of us. I am using a cloth and cleanser, in the evenings and water in the mornings, to see if that will help. Will go and look at that link
      Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. I am absolutely and utterly with you on this and am suffering with the same problem! I feel your pain. I’ll keep an eye on your responses but let me know if you find anything that works! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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