12 Days of Parenting – Day Five

Welcome to 12 Days of Parenting. A fun celebrating Christmas and all things leading up to it. We will be linking up with other bloggers to share too… 
Day is 5 sharing 12 festive or winter traditions…


  1. Christmas Lights, I LOVE them. I pester the husband to get them festooned on the windows and around the house as soon as December starts and I hate taking them down, in January. If I could keep them up all year I would.
  2. Making A Gingerbread house. Something we started when Emily was small and now we do every year. It’s a fun, slightly sugared up family affair and we enjoy the creating then the consuming…
  3. Every year we each get to choose and buy a new bauble for the tree. There are no restrictions on choices and we have some very pretty and slightly eclectic decorations.
  4. Advent calendar, of course. 
  5. Christmas plants – my mum and gran always had a beautiful amaryllis plant, each winter, so I always try to have one too, and grow it from a bulb. The children like to monitor it’s progress and we take photos.
  6. Mince pies. I start making them in November and we make and eat our way through a lot, and by the time January comes we are glad to stop.
  7. Cleaning and decluttering. We tidy up and clear out, we bag up toys the kids don’t play with, and donate them, to make space for new things arriving. 
  8. Finding a charity to support. Each year we choose a charity that the children and I will donate to, and we try and find something meaningful that we think is making an impact. 
  9. Peppermint creams. We make them every year, and eat them until we feel sick.
  10. Skyping Grandparents. They live abroad, so on Christmas Day or Boxing Day we make time to be in touch with them. 
  11. Christmas Carols. I love them, the children do too, but also we like all Christmassy songs, so as soon as December starts we get our playlists out. 
  12. Christmas Jumpers. We love them, the funnier the better. I am still working on our choices for this year…

So that’s our 12. You can hop via the linky to see what other bloggers are sharing for their 12 days of Parenting today… 

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See you tomorrow.

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  1. Love your post. The idea of a Christmas plant is great, definatly one i must remember for next year!
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