12 Days of Parenting – Day 1 – preparing for winter and the festive season…

Welcome to 12 Days of Parenting. A fun celebrating Christmas and all things leading up to it. We will be linking up with other bloggers to share too… 
Our first day is sharing 12 things we think are useful for preparing for winter/the festive season…

  1. Buy wrapping paper in January as soon as Christmas is over. Yes, I’m serious. It’s all usually on sale as shops want it sold and gone and you get it and all your ribbon and gift tags and store them and then you can feel smug knowing you don’t have a last minute scramble for wrapping paper and tags in the lead up to Christmas. 
  2. Check when posting dates are for your mail service, particularly if you have family abroad so you get cards and parcels off in plenty of time before the last posting date. 
  3. If you are like me and don’t do Christmas cards but want to send a nice greeting to someone and use your phone the Touchnote app is perfect. It’s on android and iOS and you can personalise and send any greeting card you want and their postage is reasonably priced and they get cards there on time! 
  4. If you are relying on a grocery delivery for your food, book your delivery slot as soon as they come out or the e mail telling you about them arrives. If like me you are keen to avoid the chaos (aka hell) that is an actual supermarket you need to do this pronto! 
  5. If you are relying on postal services to deliver items, order them in good time. Don’t wait til too late then have to spend a fortune on extra delivery. Even Amazon Prime isn’t infallible.
  6. Check your home contents insurance if you are buying expensive  gifts for Christmas or items for your home, make sure they are covered. Also burglaries and break ins happen over the festive time and in winter when the days get darker but people aren’t home from work. Make sure your home is secure and people can’t see into your house with the tree stashed with gifts or the huge flat screen tv you’ve bought. 
  7. Plan for meals, for the festive season and make sure if you have guests arriving that you have catered for them if they have any food allergies. Nothing worse than not knowing and not being ready when a guest arrives. 
  8. Check your car is ready for the cold weather and driving around Christmas time. Make sure you’ve got anti freeze topped up, screen scrapers and jump leads and that your tires are in good shape. If you are travelling during the winter to visit friends and family make sure you keep an eye on the weather warnings and take supplies if needed and fully charged phone. 
  9. Grab bargains and freeze or store them if you can, I currently have a leg of lamb in our freezer that I got on sale two weeks ago, that will be perfect for Boxing Day and cost me half the price it would normally. Also, things like brandy butter and other items tend to go fast off the shelves so grab them when you see them. 
  10. It seems a bit ridiculous but if you are planning to go away next year, check out flights and sales on flights just after Christmas for offers and deals. You may find you save a lot of money and there’s nothing like cheering up dreary January post Christmas blues with a holiday booking to look forward to. 
  11. Snap up bargains in the sales for next year or for birthdays and other events. 
  12. Remember above all, that Christmas and the festive season are a time to enjoy and don’t worry about getting things perfect, and don’t push yourself so hard that it makes you miserable. 

So those are my tips for today. Come back tomorrow to find out 12 things I love about Christmas and winter. You can click on the link below to see what other lovely bloggers are sharing too…

Adventures of a Novice Mum
One comment on “12 Days of Parenting – Day 1 – preparing for winter and the festive season…
  1. Love these Ideas, I definatly need to get organised much earlier this year. 3 weeks until we can buy wrapping paper and tags!!

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