Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 9 – Hand cream

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Welcome to Day 9 of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl where a whole host of bloggers are sharing their thoughts on a whole range of beauty products and make up. It will be a fun way to find out what we think and what we like and don’t like and maybe even find some new products to try. It’s a bit of a different series of posts for me, but I am not just a Mummy Blogger… 


Day 9 is hand cream.

melissa-hand-creamNeal’s Yard Melissa Hand Cream RRP £13.99

I actually reviewed a set of Neal’s Yard Products last week, and liked them a lot. I have never used their hand creams before, so was delighted when I was sent one to try, in timely fashion for this set of blog posts. 

I have been trying out their Melissa Hand cream and have to say that I LOVE it. It smells divine, a little goes a long way, and it actually makes my hands feel soft and smooth. I am pretty picky about my hand creams and this one is a winner. I generally am happy to pay a bit more for hand cream as I think you pay for what you get in terms of quality but it probably is pricier than average. But it is good value because it does go a long way. I love their packaging too. It looks nice on a dressing table and is a good size to pop into your handbag. 

So price 75/100, packaging 90/100 and product 90/100.

I will be back tomorrow sharing about concealer…

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