Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 8 – Foundation

Welcome to Day 8 of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl where a whole host of bloggers are sharing their thoughts on a whole range of beauty products and make up. It will be a fun way to find out what we think and what we like and don’t like and maybe even find some new products to try. It’s a bit of a different series of posts for me, but I am not just a Mummy Blogger… 



Day 8 is Foundation 


No7 Mineral Foundation RRP £12.99

Ok, so I have cheated slightly here on this one, because I HATE wearing stuff on my skin. I struggle with foundations because no matter what brands or types I try, they always feel like I am wearing a mask, even if I only use them sparingly. It’s a thing I have. I usually just dab on some concealer and go… lazy I know. 

So, I picked up a powder from Boots no 7 range, to try as I had heard good things about it. It’s a mineral powder. I already had a brush to use, so didn’t buy a new one.

I have to admit that I quite liked it. The colour I chose (and I am pretty pale) worked quite well and seemed to blend easily and it does provide a good level of coverage (hello hormone related middle of the month skin blemishes!!) and it was easy to use. It’s a medium range for price and a little goes a long way so I can see that this would be a good value product. I still felt like I was wearing something extra on my face, but it was tolerable, so I would use it again. I love No7 products so was quite pleased to be able to add this to my arsenal…

So for price – 75/00, packaging (I always like No7 packaging) 85/100 and product 85/100 and I would say I was impressed generally overall. 

I will be back tomorrow for day 9 and handcream…

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