There’s a rabbit in my kitchen… 

And it’s not going in a pot for a casserole… ?

Sadly, one of our bunnies died in the summer. We aren’t sure why. He was perfectly alive and happy one night when we put him in his cage and fed him and the next day when we went to feed him he had died. It was a bit traumatic all round… RIP Hoppity! ?

That left his bunny bunk buddy Wriggles all alone. He didn’t seem to mind (Hoppity used to harass him quite a lot) but as winter approached I felt that he was going to get lonely and cold in his hutch outside even though we made sure he had plenty of warm bedding and a cover on it. 

So, on a mad whim, feeling guilty, I bought an indoor cage and now Wriggles the Rabbit is ensconced in our kitchen. He’s basically in the hub of the house, where he gets a lot of company and it’s warm. He took a few days to get used to it but he seems happy. He still gets his daily chunk of time out in his outdoor run or if the weather is vile we put paper down and he hops around the kitchen which is hilarious as he’s terribly nosey and wants to get into everything. He’ll go back out to his hutch outside when the weather warms up in the spring. The cats were interested for about five minutes and did spend time staring at him in his cage but they cannot get to him and at night we cover the cage so they can’t sneakily try. 

Apparently you can toilet train rabbits,  but I don’t think I’ll go that far.

He even has his own Christmas stocking! 

So there’s a rabbit in my kitchen, as you do. I feel like I run a mini petting zoo! (See what I did there??)


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7 comments on “There’s a rabbit in my kitchen… 
  1. Wriggles is lovely but I bet he misses his pal, at least he has the comings and goings of the kitchen now. Rabbits naturally toilet train themselves. Ours always use one corner of the rabbit house where there is most sawdust. I’d love to say we encouraged this but they did it themselves. #AnimalTales
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…MilkShake Fabulous Friends on DVD

  2. Erica Price says:

    The kitchen must have enough going on to keep him happy despite not having his ‘friend’ anymore.
    Erica Price recently posted…Quarreling Cats

  3. LOL – the farmer next to us has a rabbit in the kitchen too! I was going to suggest you could toilet train him(Wriggles, not the farmer) but I see you have passed on that idea. How on earth would you do it anyway?

    Thank you for adding a rabbit post to #AnimalTales …. and will you be getting Wriggles a pal in the spring?
    Rosie (@greenrosielife) recently posted…Poultry in the polytunnel? A Bird Flu post

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi Karen, it’s so nice that you’ve taken Wriggles inside, rabbits do like company.I’ve had two rabbits (in the past)that had the run of the house and the garden, and they were both litter trained. It’s not that hard to do, but I did start when they were babies, so it may have been easier and if they got a start they would drop a current or two.

    I hope that Wriggles lives to be old and wrinkly in your kitchen.

    Debbie recently posted…Marathia, Zakynthos – Through My Lens

  5. The picture looks so lovely, I mean the rabbit in this picture!!! But can you tell me how can I train him to go to toilet :))

  6. chickenruby says:

    love the christmas stocking. i would love a house rabbit, but i’m not sure on the toilet training and i’d worry about the dog and the cat and leaving doors open

  7. Aww such a cutie! Christmas is coming i hope the kitchen is warm enough for him!
    P/s: rip Hoppity 🙁 you will be missed.
    emily@ juicer healthy recently posted…How to Cleanse the Liver

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