Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 3 – highlighter

Welcome to Day 1 of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl where a whole host of bloggers are sharing their thoughts on a whole range of beauty products and make up. It will be a fun way to find out what we think and what we like and don’t like and maybe even find some new products to try. It’s a bit of a different series of posts for me, but I am not just a Mummy Blogger… 


Day 3 is highlighter. 

To be fair and honest, I don’t normally wear highlighter, and I don’t know how to use it either. I actually found myself stuck in the cosmetics aisle of a local shop looking utterly bewildered at the choices available, when a sales assistant came to my aid and rescued me, and showed me a couple of brands and told me how to use them. 

I ended up with this onehighlighter-bb

Speedy Highlighter from Collection Cosmetics, £3.99

It’s easy to use and a nice light colour. I was worried I would look like I had stepped back into the ’70s with too much sparkle on my face (not that I am old enough to remember that, or not quite!) but it went on easily and was subtle enough, and although it’s a pen style, it didn’t feel to greasy or sticky. I am not sure I achieved the desired effect that highlighter is supposed to achieve if you watch all those videos on YouTube (which I love watching, I am weird I know!) but I liked how it looked so I might continue using it. 

I give it 

85/10 for packaging – it’s a bit hard to wind up to get enough stick to apply the product.

95/100 for price because £3.99 is pretty good for a product.

75/100 for product. 

So, that’s my attempt at using highlighter and surviving, now hop across to  over to see what Faye from Forever Faye is sharing, back tomorrow for day 4 and mascara…


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