Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl starts tomorrow… 

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I’m a Mummy Blogger. That’s mainly what I do, but I’m also me, and whilst a lot of the time, family comes first, there are things I do for me. One thing I try to do is look after my skin now that I’ve reached the dreaded big 40. I put more effort into caring for it, now, than I did when I was younger, because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger but if I can at least of ward off time a bit I try. 
So I’m very excited that for the next ten days I’m part of a fun and also rather revealing blog collaboration called the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl. 


The plan is that over the next ten days we will all share our thoughts on various types of beauty products and rating them with a score out of 100 for Packaging, Price and Product. 
Starting tomorrow we will all be sharing about one of these per day. 
1. A moisturiser 
2. An eyeshadow palette 
3. A highlighter 
4. A mascara 
5. A blush 
6. A brow product 
7. A lipstick 
8. A Foundation 
9. A hand cream 
10. A concealer 

There are a host of lovely bloggers involved, you can see below who they are and each day I will be linking with a blogger too. 

Beth – La Blog Beauté

Victoria – Victoria Life On Camera

Elaine – Early Retirement Rocks

Kimberley Jessica – Kimberley Jessica

Tori – Powdered and Polished

Laura Faye – Forever Faye

Karen – The Mad House of Cats and Babies

Gemma – An Ocean Glimmer

Ellysia – Miss Dainty K

Andreia – Andreia Prieto x

Natalie –  Beauty Box Obsessed

Rabia –  Rabia Qureshi

Bethany – The Beth Blog

Becky – Hideaway Blogging

Lynn – Lemons Cake

Sarah – The Passion Ease Queen.

Taylor – Reese’s Hardwear

Cheryl – Cheryl Gemma

Daisy – Daisy Says

Phillippa – Phillippa Beauty

Kimberley – Happiness Is Madness

Charli – High Street Beauty Junkie

Natasha – Beauty By Natasha 16

Emma – Running In Couture

It’s going to be fun, informative and a chance to read some good reviews of beauty products and I can’t wait…

You can also find us with the Twitter Tag  


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