A mini shopping spree with Boohoo

Emily here. I recently had a moan to my mum, about my clothes, and that I needed some new ones. I have grown a bit, and also needed some clothes for the winter, all my stuff from last year is WAY too small. 

The problem is, that my mum HATES shopping. She really does. So, it’s hard to persuade her to take me to choose things. 

However, this time, when I told her I needed some new clothes, she made me pretty happy because she said I could go online and choose some things and she let me loose on her laptop to do a bit of shopping… 

I wanted to choose some stuff that I could wear at the weekends but also for a school trip I was going on, and Mum said I needed to think about making sure they were warm as well. 

So, I chose some things that I thought would fit in with all of that. 


I loved this. It’s warm and soft but a bit funky. I think it’s fun and it’s really comfy and when I wore it while I was away on camp some of my friends told me they really liked it. 

My mum was helping me choose things and she and I decided we also really liked this tracksuit bottom and top set, which I could wear for all sorts of things. Mum and I both like pink, but I also like to mix up other colours so we chose this combo…


And I decided I REALLY wanted this top, because it’s fun and funny, and also pink. It’s really warm, soft and so cosy, and actually when it arrived, my mum said she wanted one in her size too…


My dad says it’s the perfect top for me, telling the world to look out, here I come!

I love my new clothes, it was very exciting when they arrived and I got to put them on and wear them and I was really pleased with what I chose. Now I have to persuade her to let me do some more shopping cos I really need some party stuff for Christmas… 😉

Mum here. We were delighted with the items that arrived. My daughter appears to have good taste and chose some pretty but also practical items. I was impressed with the speed of delivery and packaging too. So, I may just let her do more shopping for herself, soon… 

We were kindly sent some items from Boohookids to review. All words are our own. 


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