Win a grown up Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat

We are rather fond of chocolate in all its kinds round these parts, and we are delighted to offer something special JUST for grown ups. If like me, you appreciate good chocolate and don’t want to share, but find yourself tempted to hack open the doors of your children’s advent calendars, then you need to enter to be in with a chance to win one of these…


A chocolate caramel advent calendar from Hotel Chocolat worth Β£12.50

“When it comes to Advent Calendars, there are two kinds of people. One counts down to Christmas by opening a door a day, guessing who will be hiding behind it first. The other slides the tray right out of the box, eats the chocolates in one go, then opens the doors by stealth so nobody notices! Whichever you think you are, our solid reindeer, snowmen, penguins and enchanted spruces, now in malty, not-too-sweet caramel chocolate for the first time, could change your mind as you savour or scoff. Will yours make it all the way to Christmas Eve…?”

I am a huge fan of chocolate and caramel and I promise you that this calendar will be one you won’t want to share and you may have to hide it so no one else pinches any of the chocolates…

To enter, simply tell us what kind of advent calendar you had as a child? We had paper or card ones, mostly, but when we came back to the UK, we did have chocolate ones. I used to sneakily eat the chocolates before the dates, which meant I never had chocolate on the right days!

Then click on the Rafflecopter linky and follow the instructions. 

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Terms & Conditions

Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and will be informed via e-mail.

All entrants must comply with all requirements for entry. 

Spam entries will be deleted.

No cash prize alternative.

Ends 29th November 2o16 and will be posted to arrive on December 1st. 

UK entrants only.

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204 comments on “Win a grown up Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat
  1. eva says:

    Yes please, sounds divine!

  2. Tracy K Nixon says:

    When I was really little I remember only having the Advent calendars with pictures behind the doors then as I got older it was usually a Cadburys calendar of some sort.

  3. Anthony Harrington says:

    I had one with pictures, was always excited to see what the picture was, very tame by todays standards!

  4. Jo Hutchinson says:

    My first calendars only had pretty pictures behind the doors but then they started doing chocolate. I remember my Dad being so excited he brought a chocolate one for himself too.

  5. Kim Neville says:

    I used to have picture ones

  6. Pauline jaconelli says:

    I had a paper advent calendar, no chocolate or beauty products at all, I feel so old lol

  7. Tracey Peach says:

    I remember Cadbury’s Chocolate advent calendar’s that me 7 my brother shared πŸ™‚ x

  8. Sandra Stitchell says:

    Just a normal boring Cadbury which I probably loved at the time, but my tastes have matured with age.

  9. Emma S says:

    I used to have picture ones.

  10. Isabel O says:

    I was quite a lucky duck I usually had a chocolate one. πŸ™‚

  11. Julie Davies says:

    I don’t remember there being chocolate advent calendars when I was growing up, we only ever had the traditional ones that just had a picture behind the door

  12. ValB says:

    The first Advent calendars I remember had Christmassy pictures behind each door. I remember the excitement when they began to have little chocolates πŸ˜€

  13. Lisa Rowsell says:

    I vaguely remember having pictures behind mine, and then as I got older I had one with chocolate.

  14. amy bondoc says:

    my mum made our calendar and filled it with candy canes and other sweet treats, still have it now and use it every year, its huge and some of the pockets are big enough for books!

  15. Steven S says:

    An old Disney Xmas Advent Calendar for me that we re-used each year. Part of our tradition.

  16. Caroline says:

    I always had Marks and Spencers advent calendars with pictures and chocolates and then one year they stopped putting the pictures on and I complained because I was always more excited to see what the picture was rather than eat the chocolate.They sent me an apology letter and a voucher, I was made up!

  17. emma walters says:

    just a picture one πŸ™‚

  18. Andrew Petrie says:

    I had one with popping out pictures but of what I don’t know. It’s too long ago.

  19. Jessica C. says:

    My mum made mine into a lucky dip! Was fun!

  20. I remember a Barbie one very clearly!

  21. Laura Jeffs says:

    I must admit I’ve never had an advent calendar growing up, I’ve grown up in Italy and they don’t do advent calendars over there..

  22. Tania Atfield says:

    A gorgeous sparkly picture one that I loved

  23. Susan Hoggett says:

    We ususally got Cadbury’s advent calendars

  24. Louise Comb says:

    I didn’t have an advent calendar as a child – you can help me now to make up for the deprivation I suffered πŸ˜‰

  25. Ray Becker says:

    You was lucky to get a Christmas present

  26. Alica says:

    When I was a child I had the advent calendar with pictures behind and as I got older I had the chocolate ones. Now I am showing my age!

  27. Lorraine Stone says:

    We had the kind of one where you had a paper door to open and just a picture inside … no chocolate or toy! haha

  28. Ellie Wood says:

    I always got a cadbury’s one every year!

  29. Lesley Walsh says:

    I had the paper/card ones with pictures behind the doors. I’m not sure that a chocolate one would have lasted! Then went on to an advent candle, where you burnt down a degree each day – still get one of these occasionally for Christmas. However a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar sounds divine.

  30. julieann says:

    when i was little i had a material advent calander, my mum used to fill it with sweets and pennies, we used to get so excited πŸ™‚

  31. Laura Banks says:

    i always had a chocolate one

  32. Daniel Jerram says:

    Not had an advent calendar for years! Quite tempted by this one I do have to say!

  33. Daniel Jerram says:

    Was meant to add I always had cadburys calendars when growing up!

  34. Suzanne Atkins says:

    Without fail, I had a Cadbury’s chocolate advent calendar every year. So did my sister. This year, now I’m 30, Mum has finally put her foot down and stopped buying one for me! xD

  35. Claire Bodin says:

    Showing my age we had advents with just pictures no chocolate

  36. Kim Styles says:

    when I was little you just got pictures!!

  37. glenn hutton says:

    First it was pictures before they thought of chocolate ones… πŸ™‚

  38. Cath Fish says:

    We only had the picture kind too, always liked the last one with a picture of the nativity.

  39. Fiona K says:

    I had a Mars bar Advent calendar as a child

  40. sam macaree says:

    i would have a cloth one and my mum would put little things like a rubber inside, except for sundays where it was a single piece of chocolate and on the 19th (my birthday) and 24th

  41. Kim Carberry says:

    I used to have one with pictures behind the door too….
    Kim Carberry recently posted…A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 – Week 46

  42. Kayleigh Lock says:

    Cant remember what sort they where but id sneak it upstairs and eat all the chocolate out of them on 1st December and my mam would go mad.

  43. Emma Nixon says:

    One full of glitter and sparkle. Pictures behind the doors

  44. Rachael G says:

    A generic chocolate one.

  45. Jamielee Wells says:

    I always had the traditional chocolate advent calendars – dairy milk was my favourite

  46. Kim Coate says:

    I remember being quite excited opening the windows of my paper advent calendar to find a Christmas picture, simple pleasures.

  47. Marycarol says:

    A nice chocolate one xx

  48. Natasha M says:

    I used to have a very nasty tasting one that tasted slightly like the packaging it was in. I remember it being amazing though πŸ™‚

  49. Sam McKean says:

    Cardboard ones with pictures behind the doors!

  50. Sarah Mackay says:

    I had a fabric one that my mum would add pencils and such like in

  51. Michelle Walker says:

    Β£1 exclusive ones aha

  52. laura says:

    I had a traditional advent calendar with no chocolate that was re-used every year!

  53. Dawn Hull says:

    A chocolate advent calendar.

  54. Michelle Hollingsbee says:

    I only remember having one with pictures behind each door as a child, no chocolates πŸ™

  55. caroline walliss says:

    I had a supermarket Cadburys one.x

  56. Lorraine Bell says:

    I had one with pictures no prezzie ?

  57. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    we had ones with little pictures behind, didnt get a chocolate one until i was in my teens

  58. yvonne cooke says:


  59. Liz Harbron says:

    Retro one with pictures behind the doors!

  60. Katie b says:

    I used to have a chocolate one every year, our aunt used to buy them for us

  61. purpleshoes says:

    a chocolate one!

  62. Rachel Arnup says:

    In the early years just the “picture” advents, but once they began the “chocolate” ones they were mine! πŸ˜‰

  63. Ellie Smith says:

    Always a Cadbury plain one

  64. angela Sandhu says:

    simple one with pictures

  65. Beky Austerberry says:

    Usually cadburys chocolate – as a chocoholic it was my preference and mum figured that out early on!

  66. Emma Rawlinson says:

    I always had whichever character/programme I was obsessed with. Usually something Disney or Barbie related!

  67. Alice Matthews says:

    I don’t remember having an advent calendar as a child. In a Monday school assembly a candle was lit on the advent ring. After the fourth one was lit we knew the holidays and Christmas were close.

  68. Karen R says:

    We used the same advent calendar every year with little doors that I opened each day, with no reward expected but a little picture behind πŸ™‚

  69. Karen lloyd says:

    My advent calendars had Christmas pictures behind the doors, no chocolate or gifts.

  70. Helen Tovell says:

    A flat paper one with a simple picture behind it, it still did what it was supposed which was to get us excited towards Christmas

  71. christine shelley says:


  72. Kat Allinson says:

    We had a traditional card one with just pictures behind the windows and also an Advent Candle

  73. Carole E says:

    One with pictures behind each door

  74. Chelsey Hollings says:

    The standard chocolate ones

  75. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I always remember one advent calendar I had, It was purple with a big santa on the front, I don’t think it was a brand name it was just little plain chocolate shapes! πŸ™‚

  76. When I was really little I remember having the type of advent calendar that had pictures behind the doors not chocolate. I do remember having them in my teens with The Simpsons on.

  77. Barbara Knight says:

    I always had advent calendars with a picture behind the doors.

  78. Helen Thurston says:

    We had a card one with pictures behind each door. The main picture was the manger scene and I remember that number 24 was the Star of Bethlehem (we used it for years πŸ™‚ )

  79. Kirsten Stewart says:

    My granny always buys me a cadbury chocolate calendar…even now I’m 27!

  80. Helen Swales says:

    I had a traditional advent calendar as a child, one of those that told the Christmas story but didn’t contain any chocolate πŸ™ You’d open the door and find a picture of a fairy or one of the wise men :O

  81. Bob Clark says:

    Don’t remember them being around – so the answer is none

  82. Louise A says:

    I had the paper sort with tiny windows

  83. I had a big advent calendar box with chocolates of different sizes and shapes for 25 days
    Victoria Mylittlel recently posted…Review: Noddy’s remote control car from Spinmaster

  84. Daniel says:

    Anything that cost Β£1

  85. bella smyth says:

    we didnt get one in the kids homes so brought my 1st one about 20years ago just a chocolate one,its also my birthday on xmas day !

  86. Magdalene Drummond says:

    Cadburys usually

  87. Solange says:

    A Cadbury’s Advent Calendar

  88. Emily Knight says:

    I had picture advent calendars as a child – my parents refused to buy us chocolate ones!

  89. Joanne Hutchings says:

    I had the kind where my brothers and sisters used to steal all the chocolates out before I got the chance to eat them!

  90. Stacey Carnell says:

    A chocolate christmas calender <3

  91. Jules Eley says:

    I always had a chocolate one but I don’t think they were as fancy as they are these days πŸ™‚

  92. Sarah N says:

    I just used to get ones with a picture behind the door.

  93. We had those cheap supermarket ones that I don’t think a cocoa bean had touched lol.

  94. Stephanie Lear says:

    Just one with pictures on. I think I remember one was a star and one was Jesus!

  95. frances hopkins says:

    I don’t ever remember having one

  96. Karen Barrett says:

    Little chocolate figures eg Father Christmas, baubles, sleigh etc

  97. Tracy Newton says:

    We had the ones with Cadbury chocolate behind them

  98. emma p says:

    Chocolate- Cadbury

  99. Janet Dring says:

    I think they were mostly Cadbury ones

  100. Iris W says:

    I used to have two one with chocolates and one with little pictures behind the doors

  101. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Ones with pictures, they were always magical

  102. Laura nice says:

    We just has a simple chocolate calendar! πŸ™‚

  103. Diana Cotter says:

    The only sort around when I was a child was the one with the pictures behind each door. My sister and I used to take it in turns, then open 1 door each of the double door for Christmas Eve

  104. Karen Laing says:

    Well I’m 57 now so the Advent Calendars were very basic,no chocolates or toys inside just a glittery Nativity scene or a Santa scene and I’ve not had an Advent Calendar for over 45 years now,I just seem to buy them for everyone else x

  105. Lindy Hine says:

    A snowy scene with pictures of candles or Christmas Trees behind the doors – on the last day there was a big door with a special picture!

  106. Jo Carroll says:

    I remember fighting my brothers over who’s turn it was to open the cardboard door ones with the very uninspiring little pictures behind them – like church bells or holly…but do you know what – they still made me happy and excited about Santa coming. x

  107. Jemma Dwyer says:

    just a chocolate one πŸ˜€

  108. Maureen Quinnell says:

    Never had chocolates – that would have been too fancy!

  109. Jade Hewlett says:

    A chocolate one

  110. Jackie ONeill says:

    I have never had an advent calendar

  111. Cath Joyce says:

    We had a card one that usually had a nativity scene on with pictures behind the doors
    Cath Joyce recently posted…Bovington Tank Museum

  112. gemma brown says:

    we got the cheapy chocolate ones

  113. sarah luck says:

    your standard Tesco Β£1 version..sometimes two!!

  114. Sharon Lou Johnson says:

    i always had a cadbury chocolate one x

  115. Krzysia says:

    I never had one at all. I was a deprived child πŸ˜‰

  116. Charlotte Moore says:

    My dad used to make us massive ones. With whole chocolate bars in it.

  117. michelle thompson says:

    i never had a chocholate one just one what was cardboard with pictures behind it

  118. sonia smith says:

    I had one with a picture behind each door that I made myself and put up every year.

  119. Danielle Gregory says:

    We had pictures whenI was a kid a chocolate one was the height of luxury!

  120. Janet Birkin says:

    Never had one πŸ™

  121. michelle o'neill says:

    they only had pictures when i was a kid, glitter pictures!

  122. Sarah Lee says:

    We had one that we used to use every year – it was a nativity scene

  123. PhilA says:

    We had the chocolate ones, i remember it wasn’t very nice chocolate

  124. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    a chocolate one

  125. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I had a paper one for a while and then I remember the first year chocolate ones came out. They were the most amazing things ever!

  126. Jenny Jones says:

    We had a cadburys one mmmm

  127. Jane Middleton says:

    classic chocolate behind paper windows

  128. Pamela Gossage says:

    Same one reused every year. A paper one with pctures behind the doors

  129. Andrea Miles says:

    one with a picture behind each door, don’t think chocolate ones had been invented

  130. katrina walsh says:

    I never ever had one with chocolates. Just traditional pictures

  131. Hannah Cummings says:

    We always had cadburys advent calandars

  132. Lillian Fisher says:

    I never had one but I always give a chocolate one to my kids.

  133. DONNA CLINTON says:

    I had a normal Cadbury chocolate advent calendar as a child!

  134. Alison MacDonald says:

    We used to have one to share between us and it was always a gorgeous Christmas scene with glitter sprinkled over it and pretty pictures behind each door we used to love it.

  135. Rachael Marsden says:

    I was always one of those card ones, with no chocolate behind, just a very festive picture, I loved it

  136. Diana says:

    I had a chocolate one once πŸ™‚

  137. Jane says:

    The same one every year! It had a big santa and rudolph on it.

  138. Theresa M says:

    We didn’t have advent calendars as such when I was a child, but we lit advent candles, it was the highlight of our week :0)

  139. Lynne OConnor says:

    They hadn’t invented chocolate calendars when I was a kid. We just opened the windows to reveal a picture, usually Nativity related

  140. Alison says:

    A paper one with pictures behind the doors, they hadn’t invented chocolate ones

  141. BARBARA MADDEN says:

    Great ideal this time of year for us choc-o-olicks

  142. Sarah Wilson says:

    Always a Cadbury’s chocolate one.

  143. Chantel L says:

    I had one of those cardboard Christmas scenes with milk choc shapes behind the doors. Unbranded I think, but it was still fun to open the doors knowing you were getting closer to the day!

  144. Deborah Bird says:

    I remember having the ones with pictures behind the doors, but also the chocolate ones x

  145. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I had a cardboard advent calendar with a nativity scene on the front and then inside were different pictures.

  146. Rachel King says:

    I just had a card one with pictures behind the doors

  147. Susan Elvin says:

    I never had an advent calendar as a child. My family was too poor. I always made sure my children had one though.

  148. Vanessa F says:

    I never had an advent calendar as a child. I think I was about 25 when our boss bought some for the team!

  149. I used to have a chocolate one each year.

  150. Emma Livesey says:

    I was talking about this to my children recently. I had a santa with string attached to his legs, when you pulled the string the legs and arms moved, Behind the doors were traditional pictures of trees and bells etc..

  151. claire little says:


  152. Rachel Bonness says:

    I had an advent candle

  153. Stuart Dunlop says:

    I had just the basic one with a picture behind each door!

  154. Ian Campbell says:

    A milk chocolate advent calendar, like clockwork, every Christmas. I can still taste that rather sweet chocolate. having prised it out of the tiny windows with my nails πŸ™‚

  155. Emma says:

    Just cheap and cheerful ones with Xmas scenes on them

  156. George Wright says:

    I don’t think I ever had one.

  157. Annette Oliver says:

    I had a card nativity advent calendar

  158. Rich Tyler says:

    I had a picnic chocolate bar one!

  159. Jessica Hutton says:

    I had a milk chocolate one. It would have been everything from princesses to the simpsons, whatever my favourite thing was that year.

  160. Jocelynne Harrison says:

    We had a home made one when I was a child. We would just open the paper bag and find either a home made cake or break, some broken biscuits or if we were lucky some chocolate.

  161. Amanda Cargill says:

    Just a normal Cadburys one

  162. Jim Dowling says:

    We didn’t have one when I was a child. My first was a Cadburys though

  163. Karen Dowling says:

    I didn’t have one either. But I make sure we do every year now

  164. Vicky Robinson says:

    As a child I had a cardboard advent calendar with seasonal pictures, no chocolates or treats in it!

  165. Libby Noack says:

    My Advent Calendar had pictures behind it πŸ™‚ It is amazing the ones you can get now x

  166. Vicky Hawkins says:

    chocolate and picture calendar

  167. Jamie Millard says:

    A mars or a milky way one. Back in the day when they used to treat you on the last day by including a full chocolate bar behind the door.

  168. PhillW says:

    Mine had different pictures behind each door…. no chocolate though!

  169. Catherine Gregory says:

    Money used to be tight so mum would make me one throughout the year adding little chocolates then give me it 1st December

  170. Lorna Peppiatt says:

    I don’t recall ever getting an advent calendar! I’m making up for it now though πŸ™‚

  171. Andrea A says:

    I never had an advent calendar as a child.

  172. Alisa Moore says:

    Chocolate ones

  173. A chocolate one – I remember getting really frustrated trying to find the right number before we had to leave in the morning!
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Desert Island Discs

  174. Jolene Yule says:

    None don’t recall having a advent as a child

  175. Nicki simpson says:

    I remember having a mr blobby one, and I couldn’t wait to see what the slightly bigger 25th window housed, so I remember peeling back the cardboard back of the calendar just to see…. i don’t quite know what my optimistic 6 year old mind expected but it was a slightly bigger version of the other 24 chocolates!

  176. jen s morgan says:

    I had a Cadbury s one when I was little kinda boring whrn I see all the wonderful ones around today x

  177. Kerry Locke says:

    I had one with little cadburys bars in

  178. Carly Belsey says:

    I remember the picture ones I used to have, which I found exciting then but then it got to chocolate ones and they were much more exciting especially on 24th December when it was a bigger chocolate piece πŸ™‚

  179. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    One with just pictures behind the doors. When I got older I could choose my own uusally a pop group or something like that.

  180. Jessica Cook says:

    I remember a handmade felt calendar I had that I made at school and my parents put a sweet in each pocket

  181. JAN COX says:

    I never had one

  182. keri brooks says:

    I only rambert having picture and snowman picture and choclate reindeer. Xx

  183. Kay Broomfield says:

    I used to have a Cadbury chocolate one!

  184. Amanda Tanner says:

    My sister and me had exactly the same Cadburys chocolate advent calendars and would race downstairs to be the first to open their door so we could spoil it for the other one and tell what picture and chocolate was inside

  185. Julie Scattergood says:

    We didn’t have them growing up.

  186. Gemma Cook says:

    My mum and dad used to buy me & my brother picture advent calendars.

  187. James Harris says:

    I just used to get a normal chocolate one, the sort that you can get for Β£1 nowadays.

  188. Lucy Chester says:

    I remember having a Cadbury’s advent calendar

  189. Gillian Turner says:

    We never had them, but the church we went to always did a great one where you’d get pens, crayons colouring books, sweets and books. You would get a weeks worth of treats on Sunday, I looked forward to it every year.

  190. Audra bland says:

    We had one that just had pictures behind πŸ™

  191. sharon martin says:

    do you know i honestly can’t remember

  192. Jeanette says:

    A chocolate one.

  193. elaine norrie says:

    didn’t have chocolate advent calenders when i was little there were 24 windows with bells, angels presents etc and number 24 was the nativity scene

  194. Jenny says:

    A jigsaw one, when a piece each day made up the final picture.

  195. Fiona jk42 says:

    When I was a child the only kind available were those ones where you open the windows to reveal a different picture.

  196. Louis says:

    Used to always have mars!

  197. Milkybar ones every year. It was my favourite chocolate!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…Planting Miffy Tulips for Spring

  198. Paula Cheadle says:

    I did not have one

  199. Pauline Black says:

    The dairy milk calendar

  200. Lisa Mcalley says:

    Oh, i dont think i ever had an advent calender.

  201. Ruth Wollerton says:

    An old picture one, it was the same each year. But I loved it xxx

  202. Robyn Clarke says:

    My mum used to make us one, she used to fill it with Quality Street

  203. Susan Ocock says:

    One with just pictures, but used to love opening the windows as Christmas got closer

  204. Laura Harrison says:

    I had chocolate ones when I was a child xx

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