The Best Family Cars of 2016

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Despite the growth of the SUV market in the UK, the family car is still going strong and it will always be a great choice for a family or a first-time driver. A family car is spacious, easy to drive, safe, and normally relatively cheap to insure and run. 2016 has seen some strong competition, with some fantastic cars coming out. Here’s a look at four of the best.

Citroen C4 Picasso
The C4 Picasso is a mid-sized MPV. It’s safe, reliable, and unlike some MPV’s, looks fantastic, even in the 7-seater model. The 7-seat option caters for the larger family, and still leaves plenty of space. It’s full of modern technology and has a futuristic interior, keeping things fresh and modern. A very good choice economically, it’s got great fuel efficiency, despite its size.
Citroens are normally very comfortable to drive and the C4 is no different. It’s also ridiculously quiet, which is great if you live in a quieter area, or have young kids. Another draw for families is the storage space. There’s plenty of boot space, but also a few secret compartments under the seats, and larger than average door pockets, as well as cup holders.

Seat Leon
This is a smaller family car, which has emerged as a rival to the ever-popular Ford Focus. The Seat is a stylish and practical car. It boasts great economy and CO2 emission figures, and handles really well. It is, however, a much noisier car than the Picasso.
It offers plenty of room for passengers, as well as cabin storage in the form of cubbyholes and a space in the arm rest. The boot is reasonable, but may not fit larger prams.

Vauxhall Astra
The Vauxhall Astra has been a family favourite for many years. The newest model doesn’t disappoint. It drives beautifully, offering a very smooth and comfortable ride. It looks fantastic, both inside and out. It also offers more storage and boot space than previous incarnations.
The Astra offers all of the latest technology, a super quiet engine and great fuel economy. It is also equipped with the latest safety features, including warnings when you’re too close to the car in front, and when you’re moving out of lane. An all-round good family car.

Skoda Octavia
The Skoda Octavia offers excellent value for money, and huge amounts of space. Making it an incredibly attractive family car. It’s reliable, practical and safe. It’s a good, but maybe not fantastic drive, and doesn’t have quite the same technology appeal as the Astra. More efficient, than exciting, but just for value for money, is a brilliant family car.
There are many other options for family cars, and bigger 7-seaters for the larger family. These are just a few of the best. If you’re after flash, the Astra has it all. If value for money is the most important thing, and you don’t mind losing a few gadgets, go for the Octavia


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