30 days of gratitude – day 4

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So, if you know me, at all, and you are reading this, you may wonder what is going on, because generally I don’t do “gratitude” challenges. I’m cynical, sarcastic, grumpy (and that varies depending on my caffeine levels) and I’ve proclaimed such things “annoying & cheesy” before. But, you know what, even the hardest of hearts can be changed and persuaded to try new things so here I am, giving it a go. I’m joining the lovely Bump & Blush to share with you all, dear readers, something I’m grateful for, each day. Some things in my life recently have made me think that actually showing more gratitude isn’t a bad thing. So here goes…

Today’s post is about friends. 


I am not a person who makes friends, real friends easily. I am very private, and also a bit of an introvert. But I do have friends, some old, some newer, who have been or still are a huge part of my life, for whom I am very grateful.

I have friends who helped me and propped me up when my mother died, who cared for me, who took me away for a break from life, so I could recover from the breakdown I eventually had after her death, I have friends who supported me through my eating disorder, and the issues I struggled with for a long time, and friends who cheered me on when I was accepted into one of the most famous children’s hospitals in London to train as a nurse, and friends I made whilst training and working there, who I still am in contact with now. I have friends who live far away, that I went to school with, that I still keep in touch with, with very fond memories of the fun and trouble we got into at school. 

I have friends now who have supported me through the hardest part of my life, dealing with the anxiety and post partum depression, sleep issues and my road to recovery. I have friends who again have cheered me on, propped me up, made me countless cups of coffee, listened to my rants, and told me I was doing the right thing, over starting the work venture I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I have a bunch of good friends who understand that I am a total social introvert, who put up with my eccentricities. I have friends on social media who I have never met in real life (yet) but who have been a constant source of support and love to me and my family, giving advice, comfort and cheering me up when I have felt down. 

I can’t name them all, and some of them would be a bit freaked out if I did, but they all know who they are and I am entirely and tearfully grateful to all of them, for the roles they have and still continue to play in my life. Thank you, to all my friends. I wish I could be as good a friend to you all as you have been to me.

Now, I will go and dry the tears that are falling, and have another cup of coffee. 

See you tomorrow…

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2 comments on “30 days of gratitude – day 4
  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    They sound like flippin amazing friends and like they are absolute rocks. You made me think of some of my own as I was reading this 🙂
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…The beauty of Stirling Castle

  2. Aurélie says:

    Love this post, you do have amazing friends and a great support system!
    See you tomorrow,
    Aurélie recently posted…#30bbdaysogratitude challenge – Day 4: My Friends

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