30 days of gratitude – day 3

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So, if you know me, at all, and you are reading this, you may wonder what is going on, because generally I don’t do “gratitude” challenges. I’m cynical, sarcastic, grumpy (and that varies depending on my caffeine levels) and I’ve proclaimed such things “annoying & cheesy” before. But, you know what, even the hardest of hearts can be changed and persuaded to try new things so here I am, giving it a go. I’m joining the lovely Bump & Blush to share with you all, dear readers, something I’m grateful for, each day. Some things in my life recently have made me think that actually showing more gratitude isn’t a bad thing. So here goes…


Day 3 is my work or projects…

I tend to keep my work life separate from the blog mainly just to keep a level of privacy (ha ha, she says, being a blogger who shares her life with the world, that sounds silly, I know) but it’s easier for me to keep them apart. I do vaguely mention parts of my job on social media and here, but I mostly don’t talk about it. I work with families and children, and other areas of the community,  within a charity that a friend and I  have formed. It’s a tiring, interesting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes incredibly joy filling job. I have met so many families over the years and have become close to some and I enjoy the relationships we have built and trying to help people and make a difference. I am grateful for my job, because when I left nursing (I was a children’s nurse, working locally, after training at a London hospital) I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life. I left nursing because working in the NHS full time as a nurse, whilst also having to juggle being a parent to small children was too stressful, not financially viable and I needed a change and when this came along as a very small, volunteer thing, it gave me a whole new lease of life and now it has grown into something I had never in my wildest dreams thought of. 

Of course, I also write this blog, as my other job. It’s my baby, and my pride and joy. I love the community I have become part of, the people I have met online and in real life connected with it, and also the opportunities it has offered my family and I. I have written very honestly about motherhood, sleep issues, my mental health and other topics and have had so much support and love back, that has been such a blessing to me. 

I am very grateful for both my jobs, even on the days when either one or both annoy, frustrate or make me wonder why I am doing what I do, I remind myself that both are a part of me and who I am and each in their own way, make me tick and I wouldn’t actually change them for the world.

See you tomorrow…

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One comment on “30 days of gratitude – day 3
  1. Aurélie says:

    Oh what a lovely post!
    you seem to be very happy in your job and that’s wonderful to see!
    Aurélie recently posted…#30bbdaysogratitude challenge – Day 4: My Friends

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