30 days of gratitude – day 1 

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So, if you know me, at all, and you are reading this, you may wonder what is going on, because generally I don’t do “gratitude” challenges. I’m cynical, sarcastic, grumpy (and that varies depending on my caffeine levels) and I’ve proclaimed such things “annoying & cheesy” before. But, you know what, even the hardest of hearts can be changed and persuaded to try new things so here I am, giving it a go. I’m joining the lovely Bump & Blush to share with you all, dear readers, something I’m grateful for, each day. Some things in my life recently have made me think that actually showing more gratitude isn’t a bad thing. So here goes…

Today is day 1 and it’s “my house”. 

Yesterday, was a challenging day. I am functioning on less than optimal sleep levels, (if you read my blog, you know this isn’t unusual) and I’m also trying to juggle being a working parent (starting a charity and blogging) whilst also looking after two kids who are still on holiday from school. It’s challenging. Life is busy, and demanding. 

Yesterday I also had raisins thrown up all over me, (and not by either of my own children, and can I say that regurgitated raisins are pretty stomach churning no matter who has thrown them up on you) and a painful Physio session (post knee surgery) we had to go school uniform shopping, and several stress inducing e-mails landed in my inbox, and my boy had several sensory meltdowns (whilst uniform shopping)  and my bank card stopped working (because apparently a trip through the washing machine in the back pocket of my jeans isn’t helpful) and by the time we got home we were all, lets just say, a tad grumpy. I sent the children into the garden to harass the bunny rabbits, instead of me, for five minutes, and I sat down on my sofa, in the dark, cool of my living room, and I took a breath, in fact a took a few breaths. I looked around me at the relative calm and order (being out for most of the day, the house was still tidy, a rare thing during the holidays) and I gave myself a talking to. I then reminded myself that I am supposed to be practicing being more grateful and I looked around, and realised that, yes, the day had been pretty stressful, yes, we had all been a bit grumpy, no it’s not pleasant to have to deal with your six year old having a mammoth tantrum in the shops because he was tired, over stimulated and I had forgotten his ear defenders and the music they were playing was too loud, and that having a mouthful of raisins puked all over you is not exactly anyone’s choice of entertainment, BUT we are incredibly fortunate we have many things other people don’t. We have a home, a house, a safe place to come back to, a shelter, where we can feel comfortable. We don’t have to worry about where we will sleep tonight, or keeping dry or warm. It may not be perfect, it may not be designer magazine worthy, but it’s what we call home and not everyone can say that. So, today, I am grateful for my house. Now, I need to go and remind my children to tidy up after themselves, and clean the bathroom, because sadly, whilst I am grateful for this house, it doesn’t clean itself… 😉 See you tomorrow! 

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6 comments on “30 days of gratitude – day 1 
  1. Aimee Foster says:

    I’m glad you’re joining in with the challenge. It sounds like you had a horrendously stressful day and am very impressed that you were able to reflect and feel grateful anyway! I hope it made you feel better. Gratitude does always seem to work for me and I need to do it more (hence this challenge!) Looking forward to reading more of your posts x

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Thank you. I think being able to reflect and find something to be greatful for is helpful. It wasn’t a good day, but at least it ended better than it started…

  2. Aurélie says:

    Sometimes we need to take a step back especially when things are not going our way to realise that everything is not that bad, well done for doing this today !!!
    Looking forward to read your next post!

  3. Oh, my! What a day. 🙂 Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, and add in children, and I’d be grumpy also!

    But your point about having a roof over your head is well taken.

    We’ve been on a bit of an adventure (because our kids are grown and gone), traveling around North America with our RV. For us, living this way is a choice. Unfortunately, for a few we’ve met along the way, they haven’t had a choice about what roof is over their head. It’s does make one consider all our blessings…

    I took a bit of a peek around your site, and have loved your posts – I’m looking forward to reading more of this month’s 30 days of gratitude and your take on the topic! 🙂

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      Thank you. I definately don’t enjoy shopping with the kids, but sometimes needs must. Thankfully the day ended on a better note. I hope you enjoyed your recent travels. Something we plan to do when the kids are bigger.

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