Our week in photos – it’s been a rather random week…

Welcome to our week in photos. The chaos and fun of life with us, rolled into one. There are usually cats, cups of coffee and cake involved…

Delicious pudding. You can’t really go wrong with meringue, ice cream & fresh fruit. 

Spider puppets. I’m pinching it for song time at the toddler group. “Incey Wincey spider…” anyone? 

Grumpy hamster. Cage cleaning makes him cross. Apple flavoured treats make him happy. 

Ham House, which is a wonderful place to visit. We are very lucky to live within walking distance. 

Coffee (see, I told you!) in matching mugs. 

We’ve been swimming this week. More on that later in the week. 

My knee is healing nicely but I have to wear my ugly, specially made to support them, shoes. I don’t like them but my Physio told me off for not wearing them so I’m complying. I need them in pink, really…?

Look, I do drink something other than coffee… These T2 teas are lovely. 

And that chocolat was just what the doctor ordered after a long week… Tastes like bounty bar but not as sweet. 

My favourite from this week is this series of shots. Boy with (his mum’s) camera. Like mother, like son? 

So that’s our week. What’s yours been like? 

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2 comments on “Our week in photos – it’s been a rather random week…
  1. nice to encourage the children into photography.
    Hope the knee keeps healing, and yes you need to keep wearing the shoes.
    and a great big “no” from me on incey wincey

  2. chickenruby says:

    the meringue and the coffee look devine, hope your knee heals quickly
    chickenruby recently posted…An Indoor Cat.

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