Our week in photos – tattoos, poo, grumpy hamsters…

Now you know that you want to read this post after that eye catching title… 😉

Welcome to our week in photos. A summary of the crazy that is our week, in photos. You can also find us and keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook too.

Little boys helping to cook. 

My big girl, looking very grown up, helping me at an event this weekend.

That’s a temporary tattoo, but I am considering a permanent one for my 40th (mid life crisis in progress here!)

Yes, those a camping toilets with fake poo being thrown in them… Gross but a good way to sell tickets to raise money for a school trip, apparently. 

He’s been obsessed with this calculator for weeks, he spent birthday money to get it. 

Off on a school sleepover and her parents were being “SO EMBARRASSING” about it all! 

Grumpy cat in the sunshine.

I have had a migraine this week, it’s not been fun. 

Poor hamster, doesn’t get much peace round here and gets very grumpy about being woken up!

So that’s our week. How was yours? 



One comment on “Our week in photos – tattoos, poo, grumpy hamsters…
  1. aaaahhh the dreaded migraine, a headache like no other, this weather will not have helped..
    Parents are suppose to be embarrassing, it is the one joy of parenthood we can look forward to!!
    The fund raising sounds disgusting.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 366 week 23

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