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When your children start school, there are a lot of things that come with it. The routine of the school scheduling, school holidays and homework to name a few. One thing that does happen, like it or not, is all of the birthday party invitations that they get. They have a new class of thirty children that will all have a birthday; a lot of them will have a party, so your child is bound to get a few invites. Then with that, you need to think about what gifts you can get for the children. Some of which you won’t have even met. So it can be a little tricky to know what to get for them. Here is a quick guide to a few things that you could get for primary school aged children.

Something to Collect

Collections are fun and educational for children. If you know the child, you could add something that they already collect, to their collection. If not, think about some fun things that might interest them. Would they be interested in collecting dolls or perhaps model tractors or cars? If you get them one or two of the items, they can build up and go from there. If they stick with it, it can be something that you get for them year after year.


Things for Crafts

When children are around five years of old, they love to get messy and do crafts. You could get them a craft set with all sorts of bits and bobs. You could get them specific crafts like scraper foil or something like beads and bracelet making. It is a good idea for a gift as it lasts for a while and keeps them entertained. When they produce something they love at the end of it, you know you are onto a winner.


You can’t go too far wrong with books. As children learn to read, they will want to read more as they can recognize the letters and the words. It builds their confidence which is so important. You could choose classic books like Beatrix Potter or Roald Dahl. You could choose books that are specific to a hobby or interest of theirs. If they are big into dinosaurs or space, then you could get them a book relating to it. If they have pets then a book with their type of pet in is always a good idea. It will help their imagination no end. With books, the options are endless!


Something That is Educational

From the age of six and onwards, there will be a big interest in all of the things that they are learning at school. Something that will help them to further that knowledge is a good idea. Have you thought about something like a chemistry set before? There are also things like fossil sets for any budding archaeologists and paleontologists in your life.

Do you have any go-to gift ideas for your kid’s friends? I’d love to hear what you think!

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