Fruity snacks from Bear, perfect for lunchboxes!

Ah, lunchboxes. What to put in them, that’s healthy, filling, but nutritious, and will the kids actually eat what you pack?

I like to pack a treat in my children’s lunchboxes but I’m conscious that it needs to be something that’s not got too much added sugar or other nasties. It’s a challenge to find something that fits that critera. 

Bear have come up with Bear Nibbles – Claws, which are pocket size packs of snacks that are not just fruit based but have vegetable ingredients too. (Mums like feeding our kids things with vegetables in them!) image

They’re fruit and veg, mashed into monster shapes – a healthy snack that’s lower in natural sugars than half an apple and absolutely nothing else

1 of your 5 a day
1/3 veg
no added sugar
never from concentrate

They’re not too sweet but make a perfect treat, as a snack on the go, or for lunchboxes. My kids love them, and it helps me to know that there’s “no added nonsense” in them. 

Mum and kids approve! 


Perfect for lunchboxes… These are the mango & carrot flavor but the blackcurrant & beetroot are also a firm favorite here too! 

*We were kindly sent some products to try, but all words are our own, or used with permission*


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