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Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping, especially for gifts for my family. But there are times when I’ve been so busy that the gift shopping has been left a little too late. Then I’ve rushed about and just grabbed anything for the sake of convenience. They haven’t been the finest choices either. And perhaps it would have been better to have given nothing at all! But there are a few choice gifts out there that can make my life quicker and easier, as well as for the recipient.

When you’re looking for a gift that is convenient for you as well as for them, you might be surprised just how many different things there are. A gift that’s convenient for me is one that I can order online in just a few seconds. It can probably be delivered gift-wrapped directly to the person whose birthday it is. And it comes with a card already printed up with my message. Best of all, the gift itself is all about convenience for the recipient too.


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For example, men are always shaving, right? Every day, and maybe twice on the weekend if we’re going somewhere nice. So why is it me that has to make sure there are always plenty of good razor blades around? Blades on demand, through the post, as often as they’re needed sound like the perfect gift of convenience to me!

And there’s more. Snack boxes are my biggest headache right now. I’m not saying my kids are fussy eaters, but I’m pretty sure the healthy bits don’t make it to their tummies. It takes me more minutes than I care for every morning preparing all the little goodies. So when I heard about subscription snack boxes that only contain yummy, healthy bits, I immediately signed up. They come through the post regular as clockwork. Then I can just pop them in the school bags. Easy. The kids can even choose their own from a large selection. Their own accounts just became my favourite gift of convenience.

Subscriptions do make excellent gifts. I recently found several good subscription TV packages. They make my life so much more convenient. We can all now watch exactly what we want to watch when it is convenient for us. No more fighting. No more crossing your legs till the adverts to rush to the loo. It means the kids can watch a lot of things without being bombarded by advertising as well. Best of all, I can catch up with my favourite shows after I’ve got everything else done. I can sit and enjoy it all so much more now!


I recently wrote about the benefits of fresh air and exercise for my little man. Like any little boy, he needs plenty of activity. The council has given us a great gift by installing the outdoor gym equipment. I can have a go on those while little man plays on something else. It feels like we’re playing together and having quality fun time. Plus, I’m actually feeling a little fitter!

It doesn’t get any more convenient than that. And it’s almost outside my house. Can you find a little more convenience in your life?

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