There’s another woman in my husband’s life…

He introduced her a couple of years ago. He listens to her advice, prefers her views over mine, and relies on her heavily where apparently my skills fall short.

He insists he still loves me, that I’ve not been replaced, but that having her in our lives makes things easier and causes less stress.

Her presence is felt, and he will refer to her often, and I’ve learned that in certain situations she gets priority and is usually always right. I’ve even learned to get along with her. We have a working relationship.

I was grumpy at first and made my feelings known that I was being usurped, but I’ve got used to it now, and her presence feels familiar, if not a little irritating sometimes. Even the children have accepted her as part of life.

Yup, I’ve been replaced. Relegated. My skills as chief map reader and direction giver, rejected as inferior.

She is called Tom-Tom and she’s the other woman in his life, the GPS navigator thingy and now that I’ve forgiven her for one upping me, I’ll admit that she’s not got us lost yet and she never gets her lefts or rights mixed up, and she’s probably more reliable than me when it comes to tricky motorway junctions… He says we would be lost without her so I tolerate her because it makes him happy!

If I had you worried there for a moment, sorry. Don’t panic, no marriage counselling needed here at the moment! ?

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