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Having a pet is a big responsibility. We are required to look after them properly. People often call cats and dogs their fur babies. It is a fitting term as they require a similar amount of love and care; just in different ways. It is such a fun and rewarding thing to do, though. Do you have pets? As a mum of cats (and babies), I have quite a bit of experience of caring for them. Here are my tips for caring for a pet cat.


Cats like to be on the move. They like to play and chase. So it is a good idea to play with your pet cat regularly. Getting a few little inexpensive toys that they can play with is a great idea too.
Playing with your cats helps bonding between the two of you. It also helps to develop their motor skills, behaviour and can help train their brain. Win, win all round! 

  Veterinary Care

Like you would take your child to a doctor, you should take your cat to the
vets if they have any problems. You don’t just want to leave it and see if an issue sorts itself out. Cats are different to us, so they need professional help. When you first get a cat, make sure that you have the details of a vet that is close by to you. Then you’ve got it all handy to call as soon as you need to.
Veterinary care can be a little pricey, depending on what is needed. So getting something like pet insurance is a good option. A small amount of money for insurance can save you a large amount of money in the long term.


Cats like to be clean and neat. It can seem like they spend a lot of their time, sleeping or grooming themselves! While your cat will do a lot to keep themselves clean, they will still need a bit of help along the way, from you. It is a good idea that you help in your cat’s grooming as it is a great way to check on their health. You can monitor any lumps, scratches or bumps when you are brushing their fur. It will avoid the problem of them getting hairball issues with
if they don’t have to be the only ones to clean themselves.

Litter Box

It might sound quite silly, but it is important to think about their litter box. Like anyone, cats are sensitive to where they do their business. So make sure that you put it in an area of the home that is quite and doesn’t have a heavy footfall. It can put them of using it otherwise. Not a good thing! If you have children, make sure it isn’t somewhere that they are likely to go either. If you have a utility room or something like that, then that is a great option.

Are you thinking of getting a cat or do you already have one? I’d love to hear about them.

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