My Wild Ones – elusive badgers…

So most weeks you’ll find us tramping about our local copse, a rather wild but pretty bit of land near our house that is known to be an area where there are badger sets. We are usually there to collect bramble leaves for the stickinsects (The children stand at a safe distance while I go into the prickles and cut fresh leaves, they shout directions to the leaves they think are best, usually right in the prickliest of thickets!)


I’m armed… I’m going in…

 We then go and look at the badger sets and my boy asks me all sorts of questions about badgers and he lives in hope that he’ll see one. 

Where are those badgers Mum? (The main set is just in front where he is standing) 

The Badgers usually don’t come out to see us, much to his disappointment. We actually have a badger that frequents our garden in the spring & autumn but only late at night. But it’s a fun walk anyway, and distracts me from the bramble prickles I have usually managed to accumulate about my person…


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