Ladybird books for grown ups? What I’m reading…

So everyone remembers the Ladybird books from their childhood? Those classic, slightly patronising, to be read in a certain voice books that we all loved? Well, now you can get them for adults, and they are brilliant…
Written with themes based on adult life, they are humorous and realistic.   I treated myself to the one for Mums. My Mother’s Day present to myself ? 

It arrived when I was at work, and I immediately opened it and got very distracted, whilst snorting with laughter, reading through it.     

img_3694-1  Basically it’s as if Ladybird knows my life… 

This would make a great novelty baby shower gift, or funny treat for a fellow mum. It’s one of those books you leave in the loo, that you know all visitors will pick up and get distracted by.
I’m going to be ordering some of the others. I’d definitely recommend them if you want something humorous and a bit of light relief! I’m off now to read it again and laugh some more, whilst humming the theme tune from Octonauts, as usual…

What are you reading this week? 

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  1. I found a couple of these at the checkout in Sainsburys’ you know where they usually put the temptations for the kids. Glanced at one and it was all about needed a life coach – As coach I was intrigued. I read the whole book stood at the counter. laughed giggled and then put it back on the shelf… I will purchase at some point no doubt.
    I have a bookshelf in my downstairs loo and will no doubt visitors will linger longer when they adorn the shelves.
    elaine mitchell recently posted…That Old Person in Front of You

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