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Someone once said to me “little boys are like dogs, they need regular exercise” and I remember laughing at that. 
In many ways, it’s true, at least for my small boy. He really struggles with what to do with himself and the energy he seems to have (don’t I wish I could bottle it and sell it!) if he doesn’t get time every day to burn it off. We worked out in the last school holidays that if he didn’t get a good walk or run about it in the fresh air, his behaviour was hard to manage and his sleep went from manageable to frankly, blooming awful. As soon as it dawned on us that he was missing out on much needed fresh air and exercise and we got back into routine, he was fine again! Lesson learned…

So, in the back of my head, as I manage our week, I always think “fresh air and energy burn off time for Matthew” even if it’s just a brief run to the park, after school or twenty minutes in the garden kicking a ball about. Even if the weather isn’t that lovely, we still try. He LOVES being outside, running around, exploring, in fact he’s happiest out doors so he doesn’t mind.  “When Mummy said fresh air and exercise were good for me, I didn’t think she meant this!”

(Actually he loves the local “outdoor gym equipment” the council have put out near where we live!) 

Now if he’d only wear his coat and not fight me every time I suggest he needs to wrap up warm when we go out… ?

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2 comments on “My Wild Ones  – Fresh Air & Exercise…
  1. Bless him! Love his earmuffs 🙂 Busby is the same – if she doesn’t get a good run around then she’s a nightmare!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xxx
    Hannah | MakeDo&Push recently posted…What Busby + H-Bear Wore // Hatley SS16 range

  2. I think a lot of little kids must be like this – Toby is certainly a lot better if he’s been outside. Unfortunately living in Scotland the weather isn’t always on our side! #MyWildOnes
    Sarah (@tobygoesbananas) recently posted…My Wild Ones // Playing with friends

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