My Wild Ones – Rambling in the brambles…

We have a little boy who likes animals. Our current menagerie include a hamster, a giant snail and now some stickinsects called Twig and Sticky (original, I know!) The stickinsects like fresh leaves. Bramble leaves to be precise. This means that three times a week you will find me rambling about our local copse, armed with gardening gloves, sharp scissors and a small boy very firmly directing operations. Come wind or shine, the stickinects must eat, so bramble hunting we go…

I don’t mind too much, and little boys need fresh air and lots of exercise too so it’s all good.

You can see how he’s enjoying learning to handle his new pets here

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8 comments on “My Wild Ones – Rambling in the brambles…
  1. Dean of Little Steps says:

    Would love to have more pets, but we don’t have much space! Though to be fair, I think we can manage with stick insects 😉 We only have a dog, used to have cat, but she left us 😉 #animaltales

  2. Grace sounds very similar to your boy – although we have allowed her the little live pet toys in this house rather than anything real! Except our cat, Gypsy, of course! #AnimalTales
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…A Blinding Solution

  3. thisdayilove says:

    Love watching kids with stick insects they find them so fascinating

  4. Aww I love his ear warmers! What a sweetie he is 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx
    Hannah | MakeDo&Push recently posted…Siblings // February 2016

  5. You certainly have some unusual pets! It must be good to have a reason to get outside regularly though – I admit I am sometimes lacking in motivation! #mywildones

  6. I did wonder what stick insects ate – now I know. So how long do they live for? #AnimalTales
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault recently posted…11 Reasons to Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

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