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Getting kids active, involved in sports or activities they enjoy is a big thing these days. Government statistics and research is showing us that children are not as active as they should be, and parents, carers and teachers are being encouraged to find ways to get them up and out and about more to improve their physical and also mental health. Finding activities that they will like, that will build their skills and confidence, and that they will enjoy, is vital. 

Last year I worked on a local project with the amazing team from EzeeSport. I had heard about them, and what they do, but hadn’t actually seen them in action. It didn’t take me long to be very impressed and what they do, how they work with children and how they really do provide a great way of encouraging a love of being active and learning about sports. I watched them with various groups of children, of different ages, and seeing how positive and skilled they are, and how they brought even the shyest children into the action and got them involved, and how active they kept all the children (who were all happily out of breath and a “good” tired after the sessions) even the littlest ones, and those who weren’t as physically confident. 

My own children had an absolute blast at the sessions they attended and we would highly recommend their day courses, or holiday club sessions, and they also do parties and events.

EzeeSport say:


To encourage children from age 2 to get active, love sport and teach essential life skills through this.

They really do work hard at this mission and they are becoming more and more popular and a proven way to get kids moving, active and enjoying sports in a new way. It’s so much fun, that I honestly think the kids don’t have time to think or worry about what they are doing, they just want to keep up and join in, and its paced appropriately for age

So why choose EzeeSport’s multi sport coaching for your child?

  1. It’s better for kids to rather than specialise at an early age in a particular sport to spend time playing a variety of sports to increase their exposure to, and implicit learning of, the basic tactical skills that are similar in many sports.
  2. Small children don’t know what sport they like best or what they want to do. By providing them with a solid foundation in movement skills we will help them transfer their abilities to other sports in the future.
  3. Problem solving, communication, teamwork and working independently are highly valued attributes in sport and life in general. Playing one sport will allow some of these skills to be developed. Multi-sport activities increase the likelihood of developing more of these skills.
  4. By offering multi sport activities to kids we are able to offer more variety, introducing new sports,more fun and less boredom thereby attracting and retaining our kids interest in sport and making it easier to integrate mixed age groups, mixed ability and fitness levels and boy & girl participants into the same session.
  5. By coaching multi-skills we recognise that this develops social and lifestyle skills as well as physical and sport specific. Multi sport coaching develops competence, confidence, connection, creativity, character and caring. 

We are delighted to have a great giveaway for our readers with EzeeSport.

If you live locally to us, within travelling distances from Leatherhead, you can enter to win a day pass for one child for their Holiday Club. for this February 1/2 Term

depending on the childs age the Holiday Club pass would either be:

Ages 3-6, 9:30am to 12:30pm worth £15.50
Ages 6-11 9:30am to 15:00pm** worth £25.00

To enter, click on the Rafflecopter link and follow the instructions. You can also tell us Tell us what your favourite sport or activity was as a child and what your little ones like to do now…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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Terms & Conditions

No cash prize alternative. Options are:
February Half Term holiday Club Pass redeemable at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre as competition prizes to your fans!

depending on the childs age the Holiday Club pass would either be:

Ages 3-6, 9:30am to 12:30pm worth £15.50
Ages 6-11 9:30am to 15:00pm** worth £25.00

UK entrants only and prize is not transferable. If you are not able to use these vouchers, please do not enter as we cannot offer an alternative prize.
Winner will be chosen at random and notified within 24 hours of giveaway ending.

Ends 9th Feb 2016  and passes are valid for February 1/2 term 2016



2 comments on “Getting kids active with EzeeSport – giveaway time
  1. Adrian Bold says:

    As a kid I used to love hockey, today my kids unfortunately dont really play much of anything.

  2. Petra Hora says:

    As a kid I did lots of swimming and I still swim every Saturday.

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