All I want for Christmas is some new boots…

So on my Christmas wish list this year, amongst the usual things like perfume, chocolate, books, I added “new boots”. 

I haven’t had a new pair of nice, stylish boots for a long time. Mainly due to my knee injury meaning that wearing anything other than supportive running shoes was my only option. 

However my knee is stable now, post surgery, and whilst I have to be careful, I can at least wear something other than my faithful trainers. With Christmas party season and a few events coming up, I wanted something to wear that would look great, and also be wearable with lots of different looks. So I’ve been browsing online and looking around to see what I could find. 

I’m normally conservative in my colour and style choices but when I saw these boots I decided that they were perfect. I can’t decide if it was the colour, or the hint of gold in the heel, or the style that appealed most but they had to be mine.   Even my incredibly fashion conscious 9 year old was impressed when they arrived, and was slightly disappointed they wouldn’t fit her (in another couple of years I’ll have her borrowing  my shoes to look forward to, lucky me!)


They not only look great, but they are comfortable. I’ve worn them to a party, a Christmas event, a work lunch and a couple of meetings, where I’ve had to dress up, and they’ve worked well with my outfits, and I’ve had a lot of complements on them. They’re well made, and I was impressed with the delivery and packaging when they arrived. 

I’m pretty much in love with my new boots, and the husband is relieved he hasn’t had to go shopping with me, to get them, and that’s something ticked off my Christmas wish list too…  

*I was sent a pair of boots to review, all opinions  are my own*

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