12 Days of Parenting – Family Christmas Traditions

Welcome to 12 Days of Parenting – A series of blog posts by a lovely group of bloggers, leading up to Christmas, with all sorts of themes, tips and ideas to survive the festive season with small children in to as well as some great sponsored posts and giveaways.


MummyFever has shared her family traditions and now it’s our turn…

We have a few things we do, each year, that have become our family Christmas traditions. Little things that mean a lot to us, and make it that bit more special. 

Of course, we have an advent calendar, and because both my big boy, aka LSH and my smaller boy have a dairy allergy, we have a calendar we use every year, and that I refill with chocolate they can eat as well as chocoalte the girls in the house enjoy. It was handmade, by a lady, local to me, and I hope it will last until the children are too big for advent calendars (hopefully never!)

We also light Advent candles, usually at dinner time, so we can see them burn, whilst we eat, and then the children take turns (ie squabble sligtly, that’s antoher tradition 😉 ) over who gets to blow them out. 

Every year, we each get to choose a new decoration for the tree, each, either when we are out shopping for the tree, or this year, we were actually very organised and got our ornaments in September, when we were visitng a Christmas shop in Somerset. 

We also let the children decorate the tree and then surprise me, with the results. This started the year before last and seems to have become a firm favourite in the run up to getting ready for Christmas, and it has been good for my slight OCD about having a perfect tree, and letting go of that, to have the children be creative, enjoy themselves and have mummy get all teary at the sight of the tree they having lovingly festooned for me. 

We also like to decorate a gingerbread house, which is usually a very sticky, but fun family activity, and we enjoy eating it, after Christmas, when we are fed up of cake and mince pies. 

Of course, we always leave a mince pie, and a carrot and a drink for Santa and his reindeer, and it is tradition for the adults  to,  ahem, come and eat them, and leave crumbs so the children know Santa has been and I like to leave a trail of sparkly sequins and glitter to show where he has been (which LSH grumbles about, because of course we end up vacumming sparkles off the carpet for weeks, but it’s my thing, so he lets me do it) 

I also like to sneak out of the house, close to midnight, to go to the local village church for midnight mass by candlelight, something from my own childhood that I loved, and it reminds me of my mum, and it starts of Christmas Day for me, perfectly even though I don’t get to lie in, in the morning (I am sure that will become a tradition when the children are older and less excited to be up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day!)

Those are our Christmas Traditions, you can hop over to The Mummy Balancing Act to find out what they are sharing. 

12 Days of Parenting

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  1. Sharon Saunders says:

    Lovely post. One of my favourite things about Christmas is our family traditions – the best of which seem to have created themselves! Last weekend was our big preparation weekend which is one of my favourite times in the run up to Christmas! #PoCoLo

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