Our week in photos – Christmas jumpers & cats with cucumbers…

Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets of the chaos from our week. Usually there’s cake, coffee and a grumpy cat or two involved

What we’ve been eating: Bacon, because I don’t think it’s bad for you if you have it for brunch on Sunday, Pom Bear crisps and humous, the most sophisticated of parenting snacks, soup with dumplings from the German deli and I’m the type of person who takes my own snacks to the cinema…

Cats, kids, chaos..? Bubble fun at at party, sibling love (a rare non squabbly moment) and Layla does cute and fluffy whilst Jasper remains unphased by cucumber (I’d seen videos on social media of cats being freaked out by cucumber so decided to try it, neither cat was remotely bothered!) 

What I’ve been up to: Reading, knitting, trying to decide if we need Christmas jumpers or onsies this year (or both? ?) and deciding that this gluten free mix was a total fail! 

So that was our week, how was yours? 


2 comments on “Our week in photos – Christmas jumpers & cats with cucumbers…
  1. oh dear at the gluten free mix being a fail.
    a onesie sounds like a good idea, keep saying I will buy one but never do.
    nothing worse that squabbling siblings, so nice to see them being nice
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…We went to the park

  2. chickenruby says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of gluten free baking the past few weeks and opted to stick with just baking cakes and bought everything else, it just wasn’t as tasty
    chickenruby recently posted…Back in Dubai for winter with #HDYGG?

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