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As a parent I am always keen to be aware of what’s out there to help & encourage my children learn. Both LSH and I love science, me being the chemistry and biology person and him being the physics and engineering type. In fact, there might even be a science experiment kit and a few other things under the Christmas tree this year, and Emily has been hinting that some of her friends have microscopes, and that her birthday is soon. 

If you are looking to encourage your children to learn to love and explore science, then Little House of Science is something we think you’ll like. 

 “Our mission at Little House of Science is to make science fun and exciting for young children and help contribute to their understanding of how nature and the world around them works. Given children’s in-born curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning new things, we want to create an environment where they can have fun, experiment and learn facts which can help them dissect our world!”

They have an amazing curriculum starting from early on, called Little Discovery, for 6 months up, for 2-3 & 3 -4 year olds there’s Little Maths, Rhythm and Shapes, then Little Science for 3-4′ 4 – 7 & 5 -8 year olds then Big Science for 8-11 year olds. Their principal is to combine education with a practical and fun approach to nurture and encourage a child’s natural curiosity. Their maths club sounds like brilliant fun, teaching children how numbers are everywhere with music, games and colours. As someone who struggle with maths and who is determined to not pass on my anxieties around that to my children, this would be something, if we have another baby that I will definitely be keen to try with them. 

They also work in schools & nurseries & have opportunities to work with them as an educational franchise, too. They have classes running all over London, and lots of sessions to suit a child’s individual learning needs. 

Perfect for budding scientists and maths lovers, and for parents who want to encourage this, and also like to to join in and learn too ?


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