I run a toddler group and I hate raisins…

There, I said it. I loathe raisins.

raisin loathing

They are nasty, sticky, shriveled up bits of fruit, that children and adults seem to love. 

I can’t stand them. I don’t like them in sweet or savory foods. I will avoid meals that contain them. The only thing I can tolerate them in, is well made fruit cake or Christmas cake. I object to them being in my curry, or my scones. I won’t eat cereal bars with them in, and I pick them out of fruit and nut bars…

Why is this a problem you say? It’s not like you HAVE to eat them!

I run toddler groups and raisins are a staple snack, that we serve. They are cheap, and sweet, and whilst not considered the least sugar free item, they are an ok snack for little ones. Both my children like them to (the freaks!!) and every week I probably handle hundreds of raisins, as I serve them up, then clean out bowls when washing up, or pick half chewed ones off the floor (raisins ground into carpets or flooring actually makes me gag!) 

I have tried to introduce other alternatives to the kids at the groups, but strangely enough, they aren’t keen on dried cranberries, and dried apricots and the like are a bit of a choking hazard, so we seem to be stuck with my much loathed nemesis, the dried and shriveled grape. 

I don’t know if it’s the texture, the smell, the taste, the fact that they closely resemble animal droppings, who knows? I just don’t like them. I am contemplating donning gloves to serve them out, so their stickiness doesn’t get near me. 

My colleagues and fellow volunteers think I am ridiculous and laugh at me, but I tell you, it’s a real problem. I struggle on, bravely wincing as I dish out handfuls into bowls for snack time, or picking them out of the carpet, or even having half chewed mouthfuls of them handed to me, by otherwise cute and endearing children that come to my groups, because, hey, nothing says “I like you, adult that I am getting to know” than spitting a mouthful of half masticated raisins into their hand…

As far as I am concerned, the only good raisin is one that has been saved from it’s fate and turned into wine… 😉 


Anyone know what raisin phobia is called? I am sure I have a genuine case of it! 


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  1. Catherine says:

    I love your quote at the end of the post 🙂
    Catherine recently posted…Harper And The Scarlet Umbrella by Cerrie Burnell & Laura Ellen Anderson

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