Our week in photos – guilty cats & garlic bread…

Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets of the chaos from our week. Usually there’s cake, coffee and a grumpy cat or two involved! 

This week has flown. I’m recovering from my lurgy bronchitis bug. My silly pickle almost 9 year old managed to bump her head by walking into a lamppost and gave herself a slight concussion (even writing that sounds ridiculous, she’s feeling a bit cross with herself but she’s feeling better after a day or two at home resting. I have reminded her that she probably shouldn’t walk backwards whilst talking. Lesson learned!)   So we have our usual fun & chaos..

Grumpy cat & coffee

Cake & coffee

New watch (pink of course)

First conker of Autumn. We are collecting them. 

Guilty looking cat, hamster of course not having a clue that she was almost dinner…

Then I ruined dinner and threatened them all with catfood on toast. LSH was worried! 

Experimenting with gluten free, dairy free garlic bread..

I steal LSH’s socks and deodorant on a regular basis. Why he puts up with me I do not know…? ?
So that was our week? How was yours? 


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