Our week in photos – the week where I ate cake and washed Octonauts…

    Welcome to our week in photos. Snapshots of the crazy that is our life. Usually involving children, cats, cake, coffee….

This week has been a mixed bag. I unfortunately have been a bit under the weather, with what was a cold, then a sore throat, lost my voice, developed a grim sounding cough, which turned out to be a touch of what my GP called cheerfully “viral bronchitis”. Mum’s don’t get sick days, so I have plodded on, coughing like I smoke 90  a day, but I am starting to feel better, so hopefully next week will be easier.

We have had a trip to Primark (I loathe the place) to get plimsoles for a small boy (I also dislike plimsoles, I feel a ranty blog post coming on, on that subject, they are dreadful shoes, I think for children’s feet!) and then yes, I gave the Octonauts a bath, in disinfectant. They spend a lot of time in the bath, with said small boy, and were, to say it politely, smelling fusty and needed a good soak. Not the usual adventure they have, but they are at least cleaner and smell better!

We started back with our usual extra curricular activities, this week, my boy has started back at dance classes, and is SO enthusiastic it is delightful to watch him, and I am so pleased he has found something he loves  and enjoys. I still get tearful when I think what a tough time he has had, and how well he is doing now. 

And the usual random shots of cake, beetroot crisps (yum!) my bookworm on her modern technology, and proof that I do drink something other than coffee (I must have  been ill, I really went off coffee this week) and of course, the required grumpy cat photo that our week wouldn’t be complete without…

So that is our week, what have you been up to? 


4 comments on “Our week in photos – the week where I ate cake and washed Octonauts…
  1. Sorry to hear about your bronchitis. Good work on cleaning the Octonauts! Lovely to hear that your boy loves dancing 🙂
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Looking like sh*t (and feeling OK with it)

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Really laughed at the picture of the cat…..daft animal!!
    Glad he is enjoying his dancing, great when they can pick activities they enjoy rather than things they don’t ( like school).
    Aaaahhhh beetroot crisps, I quite enjoyed them too but they make for a funny colour when they come put the other end…..lol

  3. chickenruby says:

    lo at the grumpy cat, ours has just returned from the cattery for over 2 weeks and can’t seem to settle, she’s spending a lot of time in the empty bath. I love a good shop at Primark and took advantage of being on my own in Manchester for a day to do so
    chickenruby recently posted…Things to do at Dubai Airport with #HDYGG Zen Gardens and #TimeTraveller

  4. Galina V says:

    Hope you are feeling better this week. I cannot stand plimsoles either, such a pointless kind of footwear. Love the cat in the sink, super cute.
    Galina V recently posted…Kedgeree nests

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