Our week in photos…Cake on the bus

  Welcome to our week in photos. Snapshots of the crazy that is our life. Usually involving children, cats, cake, coffee… The children went back to school. Whilst it is nice to have the house a bit quieter and dare I say it, becoming tidy again, I am missing them and may have felt a bit tearful after such a long, lovely summer break to send them off. They were happy to be back, though, which is good. 

I  managed to get two very large, heavy Victoria sponges on a bus, to work, in one piece. It was slightly stressful, I consider it to be my week’s best achievement.

Pink bling, hand made by my girl for me to wear. 

Posh American coffee (it seriously is THE BEST stuff, please American friends,  I may be asking you to send me some  when we run out) and trying to work when my laptop isn’t charged.

Gluten free brownies and dairy free ice cream for a wild Saturday night in.

Biltong for LSH. I can’t stand the stuff, but he loves it. I spotted some at the Farmer’s market this weekend so got it for him. He was very happy. 

The usual grumpy cat photo, what would a week of photos be without one?

Sorting my work cupboards. Now I need to get my own house sorted with the kids back at s

So that was our week, now I do have to face the reality of back to school tomorrow, best I go and make sure everything is ready…

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What have you been up to this week?


2 comments on “Our week in photos…Cake on the bus
  1. Silly Mummy says:

    Children, cats, cakes & coffee sounds like a good combination to me! & I’m impressed by the victoria sponge transporting skills!
    Silly Mummy recently posted…The Cat in the Is That a HAT?*

  2. chickenruby says:

    sorry to hear you were tearful when the kids went back to school, it gets me also when my son returns to boarding school it’s a big adjustment for us as mums
    chickenruby recently posted…Long weekend in Berlin 2006 with kids

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