Our week in photos – we went glamping…

 Welcome to our week in photos. Snapshots of the crazy that is our life. Usually involving children, cats, cake, coffee…

This week, we were lucky enough to not have to send the children back to school, due to an extra week for building works happening in the school so we went glamping. I’ll be sharing about the fun we had and where we stayed later this week! 

I also painted the bathroom (and my nails, that’s about as much of a fancy manicure as they get round here!) 

We put the sun creams away (sob, summer is over!) 

I cooked and experimented on my family, who don’t usually complain. My goats cheese omelette went down well and my banana bread never lasts very long when out of the oven…?

We spent some time on a rather chilly beach (LSH is South African, he doesn’t really appreciate chilly British beaches!) 

Our new country home… (Ok, so it’s not, it’s a rather nice National Trust house we visited!) 

So that was our week, now I do have to face the reality of back to school tomorrow, best I go and make sure everything is ready…

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What have you been up to this week?


4 comments on “Our week in photos – we went glamping…
  1. chickenruby says:

    Banana bread sounds yummy but I’ve never made it. we recently moved from South Africa to Dubai and I really miss the weather in Joburg (not the winter) but i find the uk cold even in the summer but for a change i’m looking forward to my visit there tomorrow to escape the heat here in Dubai, then back to SA in October for 6 weeks, what part of SA is hubby from?
    chickenruby recently posted…Week 36 – My Sunday Photo

    • admin says:

      They lived in Johannesburg then Durban, now his parents live in Howick. British beaches are definitely not the same as South African one’s!

  2. Julie Downes says:

    That banana bread is looking rather yummy! #TWTWC
    Julie Downes recently posted…5 fab things this week – summer 12

  3. Looks like a fun week before the return to school. I must confess to giggling at your LSH finding British beaches too cold 🙂
    Ruth (geekmummy) recently posted…My Week in Photos: 30th August – 5th September 2015

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